Your Able-ism Has Got To Go

To put it quite frank, I’ve had enough.

Oh, darling, I am beyond angry. I’m livid. Enough so that I’ve sent my head swirling back into the horrendous pain I was experiencing Thursday.

I dragged myself to school to withdraw. No one was there who needed to be to get my forms properly signed. That was stressful in itself.

By the time I was driving home, I was done for the day. My energy was used up. I fully intended to just lay down and sleep the rest of the day.

But no. I received the wonderful phone call saying that my tenant had been approved and we could work out exchanging keys and security deposits…

So, as previously discussed, my tenant was hoping to get some of her stuff moved in as her lease ends the day I’m officially moving out… she was hoping to start getting stuff over here ASAP.

Me being me, pushed myself way too hard. I cleared all the boxes and packed up everything in my office. I dismantled furniture and stubbed my toes a few times. All so this room would be empty, ready for her first thing tomorrow.

I gave her my spare key, she gave me the security deposit and off she went.

The commotion of the day somehow gave me a burst of energy. I decided to start packing up my clothes.

And then it came.

My landlord. Calling to let me know that my tenant would be returning the keys as he could not approve her to move in.

Excuse me?

And then I got my second “talking to” regarding dogs in the building.

She lied. 7 years of serving our country, and she mentioned that she had a certified service dog due to her time overseas. The law here says you cannot discriminate against people with service dogs.

I had already been spoken to about how people were forging service dog certificates to get approval to live in apartments with their dogs. I understand that’s a shitty thing to do. You don’t have to tell me of all people that.

But here I am, devastated my tenant fell through, because wait for it. She fucking lied. The American Disabilities Act – which covers service animals – does NOT cover emotional support animals.

No fucking shit, your emotional support animal hasn’t gone through the extensive training of a service dog, and therefore is not afforded the same privileges.

So, here’s my message to you. All of you.

No one is excluded because I’m sorry you’ve all joked about just registering your pet to get around all these rules.


I’m moving home to apply for disability, and I’m going to be liable for rent until someone takes over my lease… and now my landlord doesn’t want to work with me on finding a solution because he thinks I ignored his “no dogs” request.

Your lie about a service dog is going to cost me whatever treatment I have to say no to because I’m still paying rent for a place I don’t live.

People like this aren’t new. People like this are causing problems everywhere.

The grocer yells at a lady that she can’t have her service dog with her because 20 minutes prior someone lied and brought their fake service dog in (fake tags and all) and caused a huge disruption in the store. Her dog is trained to not beg for food and isn’t allowed to be pet by onlookers, but now isn’t allowed in, because she forgot her paperwork and some jackass made “service dogs” appear problematic. 

The restaurant manager reluctantly allows a gentleman and his service dog in, as just yesterday someone else’s service dog was eating off the table and barking the entire time, forcing customers to leave and complain. The manager couldn’t do anything because it was a “service dog”, but now this real service dog simply lays under the table and goes completely unnoticed by all guests and employees. 

Your emotional support animal isn’t a fucking service dog. Your pet that you got fake documentation for isn’t a service dog.

Service dogs are specially trained. Let me repeat. Service dogs are specially trained.

Your precious best friend of a mutt, isn’t a fucking service dog.

Don’t register your dog.

You aren’t cool. You aren’t special. Having a service animal isn’t a privilege.

Your able-ism is showing, and it isn’t cute.

Your able-ism is making the rest of our lives really difficult and you can’t even see it because you’re so caught up in yourself and your needs.

Pay attention. The shit you do impacts everyone around you.


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