About Me

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s how all of this began. It clicked, that in this journey I was destined to be on, I was alone. Alone in the understanding that everyone around me saw this “migraine thing” as black and white. How could it really be more than a headache. I mean just take an Advil, you’ll be fine, right? Wrong.

There’s so much grey. So many layers in-between the positive and negative. So, I decided to stop voicing what I was going through in a half thought out Facebook posts that only received negative feedback from people who didn’t belong in my life in the first place.

The black and white photo montage of my blog was born. Every day, what if you only saw it in black and white? What would be missing from the story you were trying to tell?

Turns out, a lot was missing.

And as I began telling my story, I thought I was finding myself.

I was connecting with so many people, I was making a positive impact and people no longer saw these migraines as this fake idea that I let take over my life.

But as the months dragged on, a lot of changes were happening. Some were worth documenting, some really helped as educational tools for people to better understand, but for a while the vision behind this blog was lost.

In October of 2018, I was in the thick of the pain and the symptoms. I was trialing the new CGRP medication Aimovig, and I did not have a good reaction. This created a cycle of moving between my bed and the couch, living in the dark, unable to see the end of the pain and the suffering. My 21st birthday was lost on me. The plans were cancelled, the expectations shattered.

As I weened off that medication, things brightened up as one year came to a close and another began.

I stopped writing, marking an end to what I call “Chapter One” and as Christmas drew near, I came back to try again. I began Chapter Two.

Chapter two was a space for growth and exploration. A time to re-evaluate and spend more time focusing on life outside of just the pain.

And, as all chapters do, that chapter came to an end. This summer begins Chapter Three a period of healing and continued growth.

So let me introduce myself, my name is Alex.

To make things brief, when I do my makeup, I wear way too much eyeliner.

I listen to my music much too loud and if you’re wondering, yes it’s probably some band your parents listened to.

I like fast cars.

My passion for football and the Green Bay Packers could be described as obnoxious.

I’ve studied architecture and interior design and I’m incredibly passionate about spaces and the power they have to ground us and vastly improve our lives.

I stopped thinking about who I want to be when I get better. Because let’s be honest, no one knows what better looks like and I’ve got to live my life for today.

I like my coffee black.

So please, join me for this journey. Or welcome back if you’ve been along for the ride.


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2 thoughts on “About Me”

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