Migraine Resources

Your one stop location for all of the specially tailored resources within my blog that can help you as a migraine sufferer or a caregiver.

The goal is to help you better understand the pain and symptoms of migraine, showcase my personal experiences with various drugs and treatments, and help educate on the subject of migraine.

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Pain and Symptoms

For a New Migraine Patient – the letter I needed when I was first diagnosed.

Applying For Disability – a step by step guide through the Social Security Disability application based on my experience applying, being approved, and what happens after.

Brain Fog – a story explaining my experience with brain fog associated with migraine.

Emergency Rooms and Doctors – where you should go and when for the type of pain you’re experiencing.

Irritability – digging into irritability as a symptom of migraine and explaining how it presents itself in different situations.

Masking The Pain – diving into how migraine is an invisible illness and how that affects those living with migraine and other invisible conditions.

Menstrual Migraine – my experience with adjusting to different birth control options and how choosing to suppress my cycle altogether proved to be the best option for my migraines.

Migraine Is A Disability – 6th most disabling condition in the world, and it deserves that recognition

Nausea – one of the most frustrating symptoms is often nausea, this piece breaks down the steps that worked for me in overcoming the almost daily nausea I experienced with migraine.

Nausea Part 2 – a follow up discussing new ways to treat nausea brought on by additional causes and more strategies for management.

Sensory Overload – going deeper into migraines and symptoms based on the five senses and the way migraineurs experience those senses differently.

Stigmas Surrounding Migraine – breaking down 5 stigmas placed on those with migraine and chronically ill individuals.

Tracking Migraine – 5 tips to getting the most out of tracking your pain and symptoms without it taking over your life. This includes a look at my own pain chart and breakdowns of how I lay out and plan tracking in my bullet journal.

Vestibular Migraine – a special interview with a gentleman who suffers from vestibular migraine and is the host of the Youtube Interviews: Vestibular Talks

Medication and Alternative Therapy Experiences

Pinned: New Medications to the Market Explain 2021 – Nurtec, Qulipta, Zavegepant, and Trudhesa

New Medications to the Market Explained 2020 – Reyvow, Ubrelvy, and Eptinezumab

Aimovig – my personal anecdote and reactions to the first of the new CGRP drugs.

Allay Lamp – describing green light therapy and my personal review of the product.

Botox – my experience and reactions a few days after receiving Botox – it is not a positive experience and I haven’t published a follow up but my symptoms didn’t improve and didn’t continue with Botox.

Cefaly – the first 5 days of using the device.

DHE Infusions – my personal experience of being an outpatient while receiving DHE infusions.

At Home Therapy – no medications here, but a few of my personal favorites for relieving pain and symptoms, and managing migraine at home.

Essential Oils – everything you need to know about oils, how to pick them, what to avoid and how to not kill yourself or your pets. This is a professional piece done with the help of two individuals who are certified to work with oils.

Healthcare Cost Navigation and Financial Help – written by Beth Morton, this piece links out to her website where she has compiled an incredible resource on navigating medical costs and different sources for assistance.

Massage Therapy – helping you to understand what you need out of a massage therapist and what to look for.

Medicine Safety: Serotonin Syndrome – helping you recognize symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome, a dangerous side effect that can occur with common migraine and nausea medications when mixed with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

My Migraine Toolbox – a look into the various tools I rely on for managing and treating migraine.

Ubrelvy, a CGRP Abortive – my personal experience with one the latest migraine drug developments

Understanding Types of Migraine Preventative Medications – a brief overview of the current classes of migraine treatments, what they were designed for and how they are used.

Yoga – the most gentle exercise with a big impact, that is perfect for migraines.

Educational Resources

Migraine World Summit Navigational Page – A page dedicated to all the blogs and summaries I’ve written over the years sharing the information from the yearly Summits.

For Caregivers and Friends

Advice on Advice – a collaborative piece that looks at multiple perspectives when it comes to giving and taking advice.

An Open Letter – for teachers, friends, family, all those around me and in my life and yours. What I would want you to know.

House Plant Analogies – for those of us looking for ways to compare chronic illness management to something a wider group of people may understand.

Offering Encouragement – explaining why, in my case, I need encouragement over support and what that encouragement looks like.

Saying “I’m Sorry” – I’m sorry is often not a bad phrase, but from my personal experience constantly being apologized to feels wrong. This piece digs into another phrase we can use that really conveys what we need instead of “I’m sorry.”

Mental Health, Positivity, and Some Uplifting Encouragement

Being Present – improve your mental health, physical health, and your life by taking time to be present for a few moments in your day.

Healing – chronic pain, mental health, disabilities, no matter what healing often seems like a concept that we don’t have access to. This piece focuses on how I’m changing what healing means and how I’m applying it to every aspect of my life.

Imposter Syndrome – a personal look into my own battles with impostor syndrome that comes with migraine and being disabled.

Intentional Spaces – if you’re a fan of morning affirmations, this is a great piece to show how you can expand those affirmations to fit the spaces around you.

Social Media – make your space truly your space.

Take on Summer With Your Migraine – some great options for how to enjoy the blistering heat when you have migraines.

You Aren’t A Burden – reframing how we define burden and why we aren’t a burden to those choosing to help us.

Disclosure: Aside from the Essential Oil piece, these links are all to my individual story. I am not a doctor and although I am sharing information with the intention of educating and helping other migraine patients, my words cannot replace the recommendation of your doctor. If you intend to try a new therapy, start using supplements, stop a treatment, or try an alternative therapy please check with your doctor.