Migraine Resources

Your one stop location for all of the specially tailored resources within my blog that can help you as a migraine sufferer or a caregiver.

The goal is to help you better understand the pain and symptoms of migraine, showcase my personal experiences with various drugs and treatments, and help educate on the subject of migraine.

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Pain and Symptoms

For a New Migraine Patient – the letter I needed when I was first diagnosed.

Brain Fog – a story explaining my experience with brain fog associated with migraine.

Emergency Rooms and Doctors – where you should go and when for the type of pain you’re experiencing.

High Pain Levels & Pain Charts – explaining how I describe my pain in connection to my symptoms.

Irritability – digging into irritability as a symptom of migraine and explaining how it presents itself in different situations.

Masking The Pain – diving in to how migraine is an invisible illness and how that affects those living with migraine and other invisible conditions.

Migraine Is A Disability – 6th most disabling condition in the world, and it deserves that recognition

Sensory Overload – going deeper into migraines and symptoms based on the five senses and the way migraineurs experience those senses differently.

Stigmas Surrounding Migraine – breaking down 5 stigmas placed on those with migraine and chronically ill individuals.

Tracking Migraine – 5 tips to getting the most out of tracking your pain and symptoms without it taking over your life.

Medication and Alternative Therapy Experiences

Aimovig – my personal anecdote and reactions to the first of the new CGRP drugs.

Botox – my experience and reactions a few days after receiving Botox – it is not a positive experience and I haven’t published a follow up but my symptoms didn’t improve and didn’t continue with Botox.

Cefaly – the first 5 days of using the device.

DHE Infusions – my personal experience of being an outpatient while receiving DHE infusions.

At Home Therapy – no medications here, but a few of my personal favorites for relieving pain and symptoms.

Essential Oils – everything you need to know about oils, how to pick them, what to avoid and how to not kill yourself or your pets. This is a professional piece done with the help of two individuals who are certified to work with oils.

Ketogenic Diet – a comparison of the good and the bad of this diet and a connection to how it fits into treating migraine.

Massage Therapy – helping you to understand what you need out of a massage therapist and what to look for.

Yoga – the most gentle exercise with a big impact, that is perfect for migraines.

For Caregivers and Friends

Advice on Advice – a collaborative piece that looks at multiple perspectives when it comes to giving and taking advice.

An Open Letter – for teachers, friends, family, all those around me and in my life and yours. What I would want you to know.

Offering Encouragement – explaining why, in my case, I need encouragement over support and what that encouragement looks like.

Mental Health, Positivity, and Some Uplifting Encouragement

Being Present – improve your mental health, physical health, and your life by taking time to be present for a few moments in your day.

Intentional Spaces – if you’re a fan of morning affirmations, this is a great piece to show how you can expand those affirmations to fit the spaces around you.

Social Media – make your space truly your space.

Take on Summer With Your Migraine – some great options for how to enjoy the blistering heat when you have migraines.

You Aren’t A Burden – reframing how we define burden and why we aren’t a burden to those choosing to help us.

Disclosure: Aside from the Essential Oil piece, these links are all to my individual story. I am not a doctor and although I am sharing information with the intention of educating and helping other migraine patients, my words cannot replace the recommendation of your doctor. If you intend to try a new therapy, start using supplements, stop a treatment, or try an alternative therapy please check with your doctor.