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If ever there were a perfect highlight reel that prevented you from scrolling through the lengthy archives of my blog, it would look something like this.

So far in my journey – with migraine and my blog – we’ve moved through three incredibly unique chapters that all take on their own tone and purpose. Here I’ve broken down the key points in my story to help you get to know me a bit better so that no matter when you decided to hop on this train, you can feel connected and know the whole story.

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Chapter 1

Chapter One captures the individual who was sick, while being sick and tired of everyone else and their assumptions. The posts were angry, and closely followed the original intent of the blog: black and white photos with words used to fill in the grey to help people better understand migraine. They follow my journey through my final semester and final job, and deciding to allow my health to be my priority upon moving home. A lot of change occurs through chapter one and the transition occurred from “angry and needing space to vent” to recognizing where educational opportunities could be found and spread to those around me.

a scalloped coffee thermus being held by a hand with black nail polish, in the distance feet are stretched out into room

Sensory Overloaded: A Tale

May 2018 ~ The first time I really stepped back and created a story describing what my symptoms and experience was like. This post captures how migraine impacts all of my senses.

screen grab of a blog post. There's a photo of different destinations and goals including the empire state building, taste of chicago, and a white picket fence.

When Life Does Get In The Way

May 2018 ~ A piece that looks back a bit and reflects on where I’ve been and where I want to be.

black and white photo of a white woman with curly long blonde hair, resting her head on her hand. There's a fluffy pillow propping her up.

You See What I Show

July 2018 ~ Digging deeper into how difficult living with chronic migraine is when it is truly an invisible condition.

a black and white photo of cars stopped at a traffic light, storms appear to be brewing in the distance.

Over When It’s Over

July 2018 ~ After spending months working my hardest at a job I loved, I had to face the reality of deciding between work, school, and my health.

black and white photo of girl with hair pulled up, facing away from the camera. Her white blouse reveals a tattoo of a lotus flower on her back inscribed with "fortitude"

Rediscovering Fortitude

August 2018 ~ Digging back into my past and recognizing what fortitude meant to me then and the powerful meaning it holds alongside my health journey.

A very clear blue night sky with the full moon shining bright over the top of an illuminated pier extending over the ocean.


August 2018 ~ The pivotal moment where I recognized that leaving Wisconsin and coming home to Charleston was right for me.

black and white photo of a new john mayer record on the inserts strewn across a grey couch

Here’s My Advice, Take It or Leave It

August 2018 ~ My first collaborative piece that combines both individuals needing advice and those giving it. A wonderful exploration into how we perceive advice and how we can always work to improve.

looking into a room from the doorway at the wall where artwork is extending across it

Ravi D’avior Fait Votre Connaissance as They Say in France

November 2018 ~ The day I decided to step back. To close the book and re-evaluate what my purpose was, specifically related to my migraine journey and how I shared it.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two brings an entirely new life to my life and this blog, it captured both aspects of my life and my migraine and allowed them to build off one another while being separate entities. Although this was an incredible time full of growth and development, it was also a time where I hit rock bottom emotionally and had a lot of learning to do.

girl in white sundress with a small blue pattern and long curly blonde hair standing in a field of really tall corn stalks

Chapter 2

December 2018 ~ After stepping back and reflecting, I came back. I reinvented what this space would be and how it would be utilized. This marks a new start in my journey and really introduces who I am beyond my migraines.

close up a lotus capiz shell chandelier

2019, The Year of Recovery

December 2018 ~ reflecting on the year and deciding how to move forward. New Year’s Resolutions were thrown out and a theme took it’s place.

photo of white woman with long wavy blonde hair, sunkissed skin and visible freckles throwing up a peace sign while smiling and wearing a def leppard tshirt

Disabled on Paper

January 2019 ~ After finalizing all of the paperwork and officially being “disabled” this piece digs into how I got here.

a blonde and a brunette dressed in spring clothes standing together against a floral backsplash that spells out "skinny dip" the name of the coffee shop they are in.

To The Best Friend, Who Gets It

February 2019 ~ This piece is incredibly special to me because it focuses in on the one person in my life who truly understands what I’m going through and has been constant support since the day we became friends.

aerial view of clemson univeristy showing the tops of buildings and the library with the large clocktower in the distance

I’m Still a Student

February 2019 ~ One of the hardest aspects of migraine and disability was not being in school anymore. However, not being able to be in school doesn’t take away the fact that I’m still a student.

white woman with short blonde hair wearing a brown leather jacket. The walls behind her are painted black and have string lights dangling around her.

Chopping Off The Dead Ends

March 2019 ~ Although focusing on Recovery for the year came with good intentions, recovery is a bumpy road and it takes a lot. After 3 months, I had to sit back and really fight for my recovery.

black and white photo of a blonde girl with long hair in a flannel shirt reaching through a fence to pet a small black and white cow

What is My Migraine “Story”…

March 2019 ~ In accepting my health and taking a risk on a more lifestyle based approach to healing, I had to address the question “what is my migraine story?”

photo of girl with long blonde hair in a white sundress with a small blue pattern reaching towards a sunflower in a sunflower field with a curious look on her face.

Why Migraine Doesn’t Impact My Mental Health

April 2019 ~ After having struggled with the concept of “positivity” and defining why I could remain so happy despite my pain, I was able to connect the dots to my mental health and the choices I had made that lead me to this point in time.

a black bedroom showing a vanity area with a large champagne colored chair and a white furry ottomon against a backdrop of hanging lights. The curtains are dark grey and pulled shut.

My Affirmations Are Present In My Spaces

May 2019 ~ Being an interior designer and having a passion for creating meaningful spaces had surprising translations into the spaces I created to best suit my health and needs.

black felt board spelling out "goodbye and good riddance" with various crystals and jewerly in the front of the picture.

A Permanent Abortive Break

May 2019 ~ A pivotal point in my journey came when I made the decision to stop relying on abortive medications to dampen the pain or side effects of my migraine attacks.

Chapter 3

Chapter Three is really just getting started, but at the very root of this chapter is a dedication to healing and discovering who I want to be. This chapter comes out of recognizing that healing is possible and that it is inevitable, and most importantly that it is not a pain free type of utopia.

White woman with long blonde hair wearing a knee length white dress holding a pair of cowboy boots walking away from the camera, barefoot on the beach. There's a lighthouse in the distance.

Chapter 3: Finding Life

June 2019 ~ A new journey and a new focus on finding life and really being intentional with the healing process.

photo of blonde woman with medium blonde hair sitting on a marble coffee table surrounded by pillows, plants, records and spiritual items.

When I Say I’m An Advocate

June 2019 ~ On my journey, I’ve come to recognize that I am an advocate. However what I consider advocacy is quite different and this piece breaks down what I think proper advocacy looks like.

Black and white photo of white woman with long blonde hair. Her head is resting on her hand and she's looking longingly into the distance away from the camera.

Battling Impostor Syndrome

July 2019 ~ Healing while acknowledging that pain is still very present is a complicated area. This piece touches on an area I’ve struggled with for years: Impostor Syndrome and how I can take my understanding and reframe to not let those thoughts and feelings control my narrative.

Black felt board with text "looking at healing" with a large green pothos plant behind it.

When I Say I’m Healing

July 2019 ~ Healing is a subject that many people are uncomfortable with. To me, breaking through the concept of what healing “is” and what it means to me is an incredibly important step in allowing others to understand that in my world healing doesn’t equate to finding or even looking for a cure.

Black and white photo of white woman with short blonde hair wearing a black dress with white lace around the neckline.

Sometimes It’s More Than a Speed Bump

August 2019 ~ Healing is something that is far from linear and although many bumps are really just bumps that we learn to take differently, August could be viewed more as a setback on my personal journey.

Black felt board spelling out "but really... disabled" on a shelf full of various small houseplants and geodes.

I’ll Have My Brunch, And Eat It Too

November 2019 ~ An important follow up to my piece “Disabled On Paper” where I discuss where my thought process and life has changed since being approved for disability.

Black felt board spelling out "a new diagnosis"

Checking For Fibromyalgia as a Migraine Patient

November 2019 ~ Discussing the implications of a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and the continued search for answers regarding undiagnosed abdominal pain.

photo of blonde girl in white dress facing a sunflower field. above her is the moon in various phases, directly above her head is the full moon.

Two Years Into My Life My Migraine

February 2020 ~ An examination of how far I’ve come in the two years since starting this blog.

Fern like painted leaves across the base with light pink/coral text spelling out "undiagnosed"

Seeking Diagnosis Through Remote Care

April 2020 ~ Continuing the search for understanding widespread chronic pain and associated symptoms.

Blonde White woman pulling her hair aside with her hand.

I’d Like to Introduce You to My Friend: Psoriatic Arthritis

August 2020 ~ Following a journey beyond migraine towards define other inconsistencies, I moved from undiagnosed to having to contend with an autoimmune disorder in the middle of a global pandemic.

Crescent moon illuminated through tree branches

Rejecting What Recovery Should Be

December 2020 ~ A dose of reality of being disabled, and how living my life as designed within the boundaries of my body is an act of rebellion, and how rejecting society’s expectations is freeing.

Base of red maranta plant dark maroon colored leaves with the sun cascading on them

Slipping Through The Cracks: When Doctor’s Don’t Address Health Risks

April 2021 ~ While slowly settling in to a new routine after a terrifying few months I felt unsupported in my Arthritis journey.

Pink cloudy background with text “serotonin syndrome and migraine”

Recognizing Mild and Severe Cases of Serotonin Syndrome

September 2021 ~ After starting the year with deadly medication side effects, trialing a new drug gave me insight into these experiences.

A ground level shot showing the fallen orange and red leaves sweeping across the ground

My Summer With Lyme

October 2021 ~ After feeling lost to arthritis, my biggest fear came to light further complicating all of my health conditions and stealing my summer.

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