There’s one thing most of the world seems to agree on. The distaste for rain.

Sure, people long for a quiet day where they can curl up and nap away the afternoon as the rain falls softly outside.

But, generally speaking, people hate the rain.

They hate the way it messes with their hair.

They hate the need to buy waterproof mascara.

They hate having to tote an umbrella and wear clonky rain boots.

They hate driving on puddle ridden roads.

They hate the way the rain interrupts their plans for the day.

Your beach day is canceled. Your cookout will have to be postponed. Your dogs will have to go to the park another day.

There’s mud.

There’s puddles inside.

There’s liability if a “wet floor” sign isn’t properly placed.

Recess is inside.

You have to take your lunch in the poorly lit break room rather than venturing out.

And if the rain keeps going, statistically you’re more likely to be depressed. The whole idea of seasonal depression revolved around the gloomy grey months.

But, I must disagree. I’d happily trade the sunny days for more days filled with rain and overcast clouds.

Yes, the girl whose head is controlled by changes in barometric pressure, happily welcomes the storms and the rain.

The rain sets me free. 

There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting on the porch watching the storm roll in. Sometimes, when the rain finally descends, a wave of release comes over me. The pain eases. I’m confronted with a sudden calm as I watch the rain fall. I breathe in the fresh, damp air. No essential oil I’ve ever found can match the smell of rain.

If the pressure happens to be working in the opposite fashion, the rain still helps. There is no sun to illuminate my room and prevent me from falling back asleep. My body takes the sleep it needs.

Even when I do get up, I don’t have to worry about wandering downstairs to make breakfast. The windows only show me the rain. I’m not blinded by the light, because the clouds have shielded me from it. I can have my blinds open when it rains. I can look outside.

There is nothing better in this world than falling asleep to the rain. It’s like a natural supplement for melatonin.

When it rains, I am free. Free to wonder. Free to enjoy my day. I can go for a drive and run errands and it’s a peaceful affair. People don’t venture out when it rains. I don’t have to wear silly glasses if I don’t want to while I’m driving.

Most importantly, there is no one to disappoint when it rains.

It’s an acceptable time to want to stay in and not doing anything.

The whole concept of a “rain check” came from somewhere. So people don’t mind if the rain keeps you in. They may even be the ones canceling because they don’t want to drive in it.

Yes, my cul-de-sac may be flooded. I probably won’t venture out much of anywhere because there’s a bit of a flooding issue here, but that’s okay.

If there was anything else I could ask for it, it would be for a lightening storm.

But for some reason hurricanes don’t bring lightening as much as I’d like.

Which is probably for better. My mom hates lightening more than she hates hurricanes.

She also hates how I insist on sitting outside to watch the light show. But electric therapy was a viable option back in the day, so what can I say.

I may be crazy, but here’s a new word for you…

Pluviophile: (n) a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days


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