(Please Don’t) Rock Me Like A Hurricane

Let me start by honoring this wonderful day. 100 years of Packer football. And who better to kick off Sunday night than meeting 197 for the iconic Packers and Bears.

So, of course. My bear, isn’t a Bears fan.

Go Pack Go.

But, on a much more serious note… Go away Florence Go.


Do I have any clue where this thing will make landfall? No. And that doesn’t actually matter to me. What matters is the small key piece of information explaining that once the hurricane makes landfall over the Carolinas, it will most likely stick around for a few days.

Hovering over us.

A Category 4 Hurricane. Just fucking sitting on top of us.

Can you spell a barometric pressure nightmare?

So I could care less if they evacuate us or not. My concerns lie with getting my proper medication, having access to proper air conditioning, and being in a place where a giant storm isn’t.

I’d prefer to leave. And I love storms. I’d love to watch this storm roll in. I’d love to listen to the wind and the thunder. But this condition has other plans.

If it gets bad… I need to be able to get to a hospital.

If I thought the barometric pressure was a nightmare, lets revisit my recurring ability to get medication… or shall I say completely exhausting inability.

How exciting it was to receive word that I got approved for the new migraine drug, Aimovig. How not so exciting for my first dose to be damaged in delivery.

How even more exciting for Express Scripts not acknowledging the urgency flag on my refill request and informing me that even though they said I would have it Friday, no one actually set that in motion, so they’ll overnight it to me Monday. Tomorrow. Which means I will get it Tuesday evening.

Now, this Hurricane will be here Thursday. Evacuations may have already started. Me needing this medication puts a real damper on evacuating.

Now, do I choose to just call them and say hey why don’t we hold off on even sending the medicine and hope I don’t die in the meantime because the pain is just that unbearable. Or do I choose to wait for the medication and force my mom to wait on me to leave, causing us both an extremely uncomfortably long car ride stuck in traffic?

And this isn’t even the worst part.

If in fact this hurricane does hit… Charleston will in fact flood. How could I know this?

Its Charleston, it floods when its sunny outside who are we kidding. 

So, hurricane Thursday? Hurricane sitting on top of us for a few days? Talk about lots of flooding. Now, if I have left, how do I get back the following Monday morning and avoid flood waters to go see my new doctor where I’m scheduled to get my depo-shot.

Oh, birth control? Who cares right?

Well, if you put migraines and screwed up female hormones in the mix and then throw in having to delay the shot to get the hormones back to normal… it just sounds like hell.

And only a few days later, I’m supposed to venture into Charleston to see my neurologist…

Charleston doesn’t just flood and then “drain”

The water just sits. For days. Sometimes weeks.

And I’m expected to wade my way to doctors appointments?

To say I’m reconsidering when I moved back home is a ginormous understatement.

There isn’t a hurricane in Wisconsin at the moment.

There is a giant tropical storm that’s covered half the country, and oh yes, I’m certainly feeling that pressure front.

So, in short. This hurricane needs to make a sharp turn north. Like yesterday.

Welcome to my hell.


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