Full Moons, Avocados, and Such

I’m just trying to figure out what kind of full moon, impending storm, energetic shift bullshit is going on at the moment.

So a storm is coming, duh, my radar brain told me that last night.

But we’ve also got this full moon coming.

Apparently its a big deal. I don’t understand anything about the moon unless its a Kings Tide.

But, to deny that I feel all sorts of out of whack, would actually be a bit foolish.

First off, I actually slept last night.

Then after massage therapy this morning, I slept for another 3 hours…

I could actually go back to sleep anytime.

And its not like sleepy because I’m fatigued sleepy. Its like oh I just want to snuggle up in some blankets and sleep for days type of sleepy.

Maybe its the full moon, maybe I’m coming down with a cold or the flu. Who knows.

Something is certainly off.

My avocados may be impacted as well… I had to toss 3 and managed to salvage half of one for my Avocado Toast, which mind you, tasted like shit, because 1 avocados are really only meant for guacamole, 2 I’m slightly allergic, and 3 the avocado may or may not have been way over ripe.

Sadly, this isn’t a “new” issue.

The struggle to cook is one thing, but the struggle of enjoying fresh food but having it spoil long before I get to it is the real problem.

Its also getting expensive.

A year ago all I had in my fridge was piles of fresh fruits and veggies and its not like I was running to the store every week to buy fresh produce…

I truly do believe that something is up with our produce because I have yet to purchase fruit (with the exception of a couple boxes of blackberries back in April) that lasts more than a few days. Now I practically have to buy my fresh stuff as needed.

Which is infuriating.

But so far I’ve learned a few things for keeping things fresh longer:
–  avocados can be mashed and frozen and come out perfectly ripe
–  if you throw fresh blueberries in the freezer to keep them fresh, they make excellent cold snacks
–  literally just don’t buy strawberries if you aren’t using them today
–  prebagged salad mix is a bad idea
–  heavy cream is a wonderful alternative to milk and lasts WAY longer
–  cauliflower cannot just be thrown in the freezer, if you won’t use it all right away just buy it frozen to begin with
–  peaches ripen up by being wrapped in tissue paper and left on the counter
–  don’t store onions under the sink, they’ll go bad. Keep them some place without moisture or by potatoes
–  one person cannot eat an entire watermelon
– put a paper towel in your spinach/lettuce to absorb excess moisture

So, even though our farms are struggling with crops this year, we don’t have to struggle as much.

Maybe this full mood will fix the crops, I mean, its supposed to fix y’alls bad attitudes so miracles do exist.

I’m going back to bed now.


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