I Am Doplar Radar

Of all the things that Migraine has taught me, appreciating and cherishing the moments I’m allowed to enjoy is the most important lesson.
When I look at this photo, I immediately think that I’m clearly channeling a migraine and using my magical migraine radar to detect some weird weather system headed our way.
If it is going to storm or rain or get warmer or colder… I know. The neurons in my brain get extra excited, so excited that they try to kill me in the process. So no my superpowers aren’t as cool as Amanda Seyfried’s when playing Karen Smith, letting everyone know that there’s a 30 percent change that it’s already raining, but hey that’s okay.
But looking back at this photo, it’s a day I got to enjoy. It came right before this particular migraine started way back in September.
The weather has been fairly nice here this past week… It FINALLY feels like spring. The past few days I’ve been blessed to actually enjoy the happenings around me.
Driving home from massage therapy, I kept noticing how the sunlight was just bouncing off all the cars and everything was literally twinkling. Then today, as I entered my classroom, the sun was absolutely eliminating the entire room and it felt warm and happy.
I’ve been able to drive with the windows down enjoying the fresh air. I’ve been able to have my music up louder and sing along at the top of my lungs, not particularly caring if the guy next to me doesn’t care if I don’t wanna be an American Idiot.
And, no, sadly these improvements don’t seem to last for long. The second the blinds were closed in class and we were focusing on a video presentation, I could feel my head get heavy again, knowing I may not look forward to that same bright light when the video was over.
I will say, I think some improvement is coming, and maybe it is the changing weather and warmer temperatures and just the overall essence of summer that is to thank. When I look at my “migraine calendar” I can see a small trend. On the 18th, I ended a migraine and didn’t start experiencing symptoms again until midday on the 19th. Then on the 24th, midday I ended that next migraine and it wasn’t until very late on the 25th that symptoms resumed.
Yes, my symptoms are persisting. Yes, my head is heavy. The radar on my phone says its storming at the moment. There’s blue skies all around… But the radar in my head agrees with my phone.
Hopefully I can look forward to more windows down, radio up, carefree moments in the days to come.

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