Moving with Migraine

I thought balancing school, work, and migraine was an almost impossible task. Now subtract school, and for the most part work, and add in moving and you’ve got just about the least ideal situation for a migraineur.

So bright side, my furniture arrived yesterday like it was supposed to and my head wasn’t pounding. Now for the down side that just kept going… To start my day, I couldn’t even taste my food (Couldn’t tell you why but this happens sometimes). Then Wells Fargo failed to confirm my identity even though I had requested my information be updated over a week ago with the new address. Seriously all the information reverted back to my parents info… recommendation to everyone: get your own accounts the second you move out. And then, I had a long, long list of issues needing to be addressed by maintenance. And they wanted to call me at the same time that my UPack arrived. Then after getting the shipping container put in an out of the way parking spot, I conveniently decided my phone wanted to be friends with the asphalt…

See Phone:

So on top of moving expenses, I now have all the added costs of replacing that bad boy.
The morning was super stressful, and the afternoon was labor intensive as I hauled loads of boxes in. Luckily my brother assisted with the larger pieces of furniture.
Contrary to what I would have preferred to do, sore, exhausted self toted itself to work… and red flag number #12330945832048 of the day that could be a trigger: A storm system started moving in.
Fast forward to Tuesday morning, and the migraine that began growing when the storm moved in had about doubled in intensity. Now it isn’t like I was going to miss school or work or anything of the sort, but what was I to do with all the boxes and the long list of things that needed to get done?
I successfully unpacked the majority of my kitchen, but by lunchtime I was nauseas and knew I may be done for the day… but maintenance still hadn’t shown up to fix my problems. So I make some toast hoping it will be enough to fill me up, but not too much that will make me more sick. Eat the toast. Clean the dishes made my making toast. Still no maintenance man.
So, I took round number two of medication (useless, I’m convinved medicine is useless when migraines are truly weather related) and turned on my diffuser. By now, I’m freezing… how I could be freezing when I’d been sweating all morning baffles me. But I had the chills and just knew that any second maintenance would arrive. And it did.
He spoke very loudly, and I didn’t know how to interject asking him to speak softer. He looked at all of my concerns, was able to fix three of them on the spot and had to wait for the repair guy to come replace the fixtures in my tub. So he said it would be about an hour and the repair guy would be here. So, I took advantage of this time, grabbed my face ice pack, closed my blinds, grabbed a blanket and tried to sneak in a nap.
He was here after only 20 minutes. Let me just tell you, I heard the knock on the door, and awkwardly sprung up from my couch, ripped my face mask off, knocked over everything around me and staggered to the door.
Repairing tub fixtures is really loud and required additional help to be brought in. What I wanted to be doing was napping with ice packs surrounding my head… instead I successfully set up my amp and speakers and connected then (on the first try) to my TV and Blurary. Then I took to assembling 3 tables. Luckily by the time I was done, so were they. Which then meant they had to explain in detail everything that was done and explain that they will be back tomorrow to finish so that the fixtures have time to dry.
They left and I moved my remaining boxes to my office so I don’t have to look at them. I grabbed a snack and am lounging on the couch. Time for my nap.
There’s a lot more that needs to be accomplished and a lot of cleaning that needs to get done, but my body is done for the day.
I don’t know how other people with migraine ever move, especially on purpose or for their migraines. I moved to my own place so I could have almost total control over my surroundings, but moving in itself should be high on the list of triggers.
My only thoughts, other than what I’ll eat for dinner, are questions whirling around regarding if I’ll feel good enough tomorrow to finish unpacking, or if I’ll have time/the ability to mount my curtain rod so I can get my black out curtains hung.
Why count sheep when you can count the list of things that need to get done…

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