Today was okay. I woke up and wasn’t greeted by the horrible stabbing pain and fatigue that has become such a regular part of my day.

Today was actually a really good day.

Work was productive and I learned all sorts of new things. I was allowed to express my personality through a design challenge that we started the day with. We were presented with a less than ideal fabric that a hypothetical client was insisting on having on a chair in their home. We then had to design an entire room around it. I was given a dark green fabric with some floral patterning to it… and I think my end design came out to be fun and very expressive.

I chose to compliment the dark green that would cover the chair in the left corner with a sofa and loveseat done in a creamy leather covered in bright pillows done in yellows and pinks.  To create a more dramatic feel in the room I used dark wood finishes and large pieces of art that could all be conversation pieces in the room. To me this design challenge wasn’t horrendous, more of an opportunity to use skills I hadn’t really learned yet. We had about half an hour to create a solution. I know this is a hypothetical room, but I would definitely enjoy seeing it come to life.

The way today started got me thinking that maybe, doing small things like this – design challenges, thought provoking, journaling, who knows what – could actually help me to always have something good and today quite literally, bright, in my day.

By now, I’m drowsy, I’ve taken my second dose of medication as I could feel my migraine returning early this evening, but I’m surrounding myself with comfort. Today’s photo shows my way of unwinding. I’ve got hot chai, soft clothes, and a cozy blanket.

Its always hard on days like this. I know the people around me can’t tell how I’m feeling, and I don’t really feel like vocalizing it all that often. Its hard when I know that I can take it easy, and my migraine will still return. Its hard just wanting to be quiet, but appearing disinterested or angry instead.

But what isn’t as hard anymore is having hope. I have hope that one day I’ll be surrounded by individuals who understand me and are compassionate. I have hope that tomorrow may go as good as today, or even better.

I have hope.

And even though my neck is tensing up and my chai is running low, this hope that I have, is enough.


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