Lost Day

It feels like more days than not, are becoming what I call “lost” days. These are the days where I’ve got plenty to get done, and lots of obligations, but migraine keeps me from doing them. Its the days when no matter what combination of medicine I take, I’m most likely going to be confined to the walls of my dimly lit bedroom, covered in ice packs, with my diffuser going.

Today’s one of those lost days. It’s the 3rd one this week.

I’m very fortunate to attend a university with a accommodations office that understands my needs.

I started this semester with a very untimely decision by a new neurologist to just quit all the meds I’d been on for about a year and half. After going through uncomfortable withdrawal, I went through even more intense migraine variations. This resulted in me missing over a week of school and an exam. My doctors response? He referred me to a new doctor. Luckily he gave me permission and refills to go back onto my previous medicine, but I’ve had this migraine since September of 2017. I clearly needed some change in my therapy combination, but that didn’t seem to be a concern of his. Since restarting my old medication, I’ve regained about half of my days. Even though I still have symptoms on the good days, I may just have minor head pain or no head pain at all. But, I still continue to miss school, like today. This is where my accommodations office has allowed my mind to be at ease when I’m at home suffering… I’m allowed to miss school, and if I notify my professor that I will be missing because of a migraine, they have to provide me with an alternate way of making up the class time. So I get to relax knowing I don’t have to drop out of school just because I can’t attend as regularly as I’d like.

I have the luxury of being able to do class from home, where I have warm lights, comfortable clothes, lots of ice packs, and black out curtains (they aren’t perfect but they do the trick). Sadly this doesn’t fall over into my job, but in being able to take care of myself and limit my exposure to triggers for half of the day, I have a better chance at being productive being able to push through going to work.

So for now, I’ll take a nap and take advantage of my dimly lit room, before I head off to work this afternoon.

I’d love to hear what sort of in home remedies have worked for you and what type of essential oil is your absolutely go to! (Mine’s Frankincense)


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