Alex’s Halloween Horrors List 2021

Full moon rising through thick clouds

And so it becomes an annual tradition, a sharing of The List.

Before we dig into this year’s much anticipated list I want to touch on a few of the top movies from the last year that will not be making my watch list again for October but may be stellar additions to yours.

Top 5 Horror Watches since last Halloween:

5. Hell House LLC: Director’s CutNot a new movie by any account, but if you love the Hell House Franchise, the director’s cut is a great version showing the movie in it’s original form and helping to fill in a few gaps that were definitely missed.

4. Fear Street Part 1 – 3, NetflixAn excellent three part movie series that hit Netflix this summer. It’s not super scary so if you’re looking for a kid friendly (mostly) modern horror story spanning a few different sub-genres, this is it.

3. Hell Fest (2018)I absolutely adore the killer loose at the horror event trope and this movie does it really well. This particular sub-type of movie is incredibly lacking when it comes to quantity but certainly not quality.

2. Brand New Cherry Flavor, Netflix SeriesJump back in time to the 90s and fall in love with the main character as she navigates sex magic, cat cults, and the grimy Hollywood production industry. This series is weird in all the right places. It will likely remain a single season entity and it has the most delightful American Horror Story esque nods it may just be your perfect Halloween binge.

1 Freaky (2020)If you know me, this number one makes perfect sense. This is the best horror movie we’ve gotten in a long time. It’s perfect in every way. It’s funny. It’s a great slasher. And it’s a new trope.

And now, for my movies for October.

I’ve exhausted most of my genre favorites so this year’s list is mostly newer releases with a few oops why haven’t I seen this additions.

14 movies have made the cut.

14. Scream (1996)

No, no, no I haven’t gone my entire life never watching Scream, but it has come to my attention that my mother has never seen the classic. Which can only mean one thing. We must watch it so she can experience the absolute delight that is Matthew Lilliard in my favorite performance of his.

Available on HBO Max with subscription.

13. Candyman (2021)

I had the absolute delight of joining the Bloody Disgusting watch party a few weeks ago to finally catch the highly anticipated Candyman. Without any spoilers, there was a lot that went on this movie and I definitely need a re-watch to dig even deeper into all that was done with this movie.

In theaters and available for rent most places.

12. Behind the Mask (2006)

I love a good horror spoof and this one comes recommended from a good friend of mine. Not just a horror spoof, but we’re getting a docu-style behind the scenes of what it takes to be a slasher killer, literally. This guy is going to kill people and pay people to film it.

Available on Amazon Prime with a premium subscription.

11. Horror In The High Desert (2021)

Perhaps a very under the radar film, but I’ve seen reviews make their way around film twitter, Horror In The High Desert follows someone who likes to go off the grid and suddenly disconnects for good.

Available on Tubi.

10. The Old Ways (2021)

This movie looks to be a classic history turned horror film following a journalist heading home to learn about her own cultural roots, but those she is interviewing and learning from believe she might be the devil.

Available on Netflix.

9. Wrong Turn (2021)

Appalachia is a really scary region to end up in at nighttime. The original Wrong Turn movies are hilariously bad, or perhaps they didn’t hold up well compared to other horror as I indulged in them only this past year in preparation for this new release. But, the original works to set up the storyline in this new one and just based on the higher quality preview, maybe this reboot will prove better than the original.

Available with your Showtime subscription.

8. Gags the Clown (2018)

I cannot even begin to describe how much this movie excites. In 2016 a very horrible trend happened where clowns were stalking folks across the country. A rather traumatic time for me. So what did they do? They made a movie about it set in the one and only Green Bay, Wisconsin and I will succumb to being totally retraumatized because this looks fantastically horrible.

7. Sorority Row (2009)

Okay, this one is a little embarrassing. 2009 just had too many good movies to have seen them all. Sorority girl prank gone wrong? I know what you did last summer vibes? I simply have to see it.

Available on Tubi and Hulu.

6. Static (2012)

I love a good “stranger in the house now we’re going to die in this secluded area of town” trope and when this preview flickered across my screen I knew I had to give it a chance. I also absolutely adore Sara Paxton who stars as our distressed stranger.

Available on Tubi, Vudu, and Amazon Prime.

5. The Babysitter (2017)/The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

Over the top dramatic the babysitter tried to kill me teen horror anyone? I came across the second movie having no idea there was a precursor, which makes sense. It would be odd to kick off a movie after the big “the babysitter tried to kill me” scene already happened.

Available on Netflix.

4. Initiation (2020)

As the list continues we return to a beloved college campus where the fraternity brothers are doing fraternity brother things. But this film gives me high hopes that their bad behavior may be taken care of in quite a gruesome way.

Available on Tubi.

3. There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021)

Horror does such a great job taunting high schooler’s for their bad behavior and their secrets, and this is Netflix’s latest addition to the genre featuring my fave Sydney Park.

Available on Netflix.

But that’s only 12 movies you say…

OH I made my list with things that aren’t even out yet, but maybe they’ll hit streaming just in time… So which two got me good?

2. Old (2021)

The preview for this movie has intrigued me since the moment it started airing. Regular folks all go to the beach and throughout the day, they all get a lot older. Our own mortality is perhaps one of the more frightening things in this world and I’m very much looking forward to how this movie uses that to perhaps aid the storyline.

1. The Night House (2021)

I don’t really have a good intro for this movie that won’t spoil the twist we discover in the trailer, and I would encourage you to watch without seeing the preview first. I mean there’s a secluded lakehouse, a widow who is all alone, and things that may go bump in the night. Three great reasons to watch it.

And to cap off the list?

At least one thing coming to tv this October that has absolutely made my horror must watch list:

I Know What You Did Last Summer the series premiers on Amazon on October 15th.

Looking for even more horror? Head on over to my specially hosted Horror Corner for hundreds of horror reviews or last years horror list!

Looking for all the movies I’ve given good ratings to? Find it here in this twitter moment.

Happy Hauntings


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