I lay here unable to lift my head up real high. Its just so heavy today.

The effects of not going to massage therapy this week are showing. Everything is tense. I keep trying to stretch out my neck, but it hurts.

The shots I received… all 4 of them… made the neck tension much worse.

I try and sit up straight. I try to adjust my posture, but I just wind up curled back up struggling to support my head.

I’d love to get up off the couch and do some yoga. But I’d probably make myself sicker.

I get to just lay here. Until its time to eat again. Or until I need to get dressed to go to work. I work all weekend.

That scares me.

It was the right thing to do to put in my “two weeks” notice, but with as much pain as I’m in, I can’t see myself effectively communicating with customers. I can barely sit up right now, and with each hour since I’ve been up, the pain has only gotten worse.

If I finish out my last week of work, I’ll have about $300 extra to my name.

But at this rate, what is $300 if I just keep getting worse.

I don’t want to let people down. I really don’t.

I’m in this awkward state of limbo.

I’m not getting any better. Frankly, I’m just getting worse and worse.

I also think I’m actually getting sick. Maybe a cold or something.

So today isn’t a good day. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


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