Selling… You Mean Scamming?

What if I told you there was no cure for what was plaguing you?

Oh wait… if you’ve ever read any post before, you already have heard me say a million times that migraines have no cure.

Now, what if I told you that my “office”, although I finally acquired a desk, mostly consists of large piles of books and supplies scattered throughout the room and closet…

I’ve lived here since March.

Why is it all still on the floor most likely making permanent dents in the builders grade carpet?

Because between paying for random trials of this and that to try and treat my migraines and spending time briefly without a job… bookcases don’t come anywhere near the top of my list of things to up and spend money on.

But this fact doesn’t deter online know-it-alls with their cure all fitness and wellness and healthy this and that product lines from badgering members of the chronically ill community.

They message you out of no where and act all polite. They are quick to mention how they suffered from XY&Z and after being a member they haven’t experienced symptoms since!


I swear some days its like I’m playing a game of Bullshit with random people messaging me on Facebook or Instagram.

They always have this great response as to how their product works.

They always have a long list of testimonies.

But wait… in order to see results, you have to sign up for a starter kit (usually $100 or so).

But wait… that starter kit doesn’t include the key pieces that’ll CURE you.

So, you might as well sign up like I did to sell these products so you can get them all for a discounted rate.

The lovely lady today was appalled when I told her that she should have a medical license if she wanted to be making these claims.

But oh “doctors and scientists have done clinical studies on these products and the conditions they help with… there is something out there that is natural, that helps your body to find its optimal balance and find relief” BULLSHIT

Your products aren’t natural.

Your fancy shakes that really just make people shit non-stop until they’ve cleansed their body are full of chemicals and stuff you’d never eat normally. Might as well just buy some laxatives.

Your meal replacement pills and lollipops aren’t healthy.

Your slimming granola bars aren’t going to help a migraine sufferer who forces themselves to overeat to help on days when I can’t eat a thing because I’m in so much pain.

Your vitamins are sold on the shelves at your local pharmacy… and I’ve tried so many of them. Every week theirs a new “have y’all tried this for migraine” on the forum pages… all of which have mixed reviews.

You want to sell me something? Okay. But sell me something worth my while. Find a way to make migraine glasses and blue light glasses about half the price. Find a TENS unit that I can use at home for the severe neck tension and muscle tightness I experience. Give me samples of your essential oils to allow me to try them out to see if they benefit me before I spend $75 on a pure bottle of frankincense.

But stop trying to sell me your weight loss shakes.

Us migraine sufferers have often fought to lead healthy lives, which means your shakes are as useless as your fake anecdotes of the thousands of people you have personally seen have migraine relief.

If those thousands of people actually existed… We’d all have heard of these “natural” treatments before.

We have real bills, large medical bills included, and real lives. Stop trying to scam us out of our money because you want to work from home with your own hours…


This article is in reference to sellers and distributers of products from ItWorks!, Plexus, VitaPlus, Herbalife and the likes.

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