A Monday of Mondays

Today’s one of those days where I sit here and ponder why I even made the effort to get out of bed. I’m nauseated. I can’t really see straight. I’m not sure if the glaring sun or large amount of potholes did my stomach any good – I’m going to say no because I feel so awful.

But it’s midterm week. I can’t miss the day that goes over what will be on the exam or the day of the exam, right? I mean I’m sure I could.

But I don’t feel like I can.

I got up much too early, and I could barely eat my breakfast. I took the meds I know I’m not supposed to drive on, and hoped that they didn’t kick in before I got to campus. They didn’t. They still haven’t kicked in… neither has my nausea pill.

It’s cool today, but inside these halls are stuffy and its hard to breathe. I feel like the air around me is going to swallow me up, but I’m sure my professor and classmates would turn their nose up to having class outside or opening a window.

So here I am. In class. Ready to take on the day.

I’m shaking. But I’ve got a long list of things to do today, so I’ll go back to that idea of hope. I hope I can get through today. I hope my medicine calms my symptoms enough to not be a walking lump. I hope by the time I have to be at work, I know longer feel sick to my stomach.

Frankly, the severe head pain has nothing on all these other symptoms. Is it wrong that I would trade the writhing pain to not have my stomach churning and my heart racing?

Today’s a Monday, and I can’t wait for this Monday to be over. (Even though its only 8AM)


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