Treating The Whole

Holistic Treatment. It isn’t something that is present in modern medicine. My question is why not? Maybe it’s too complicated to try and look at the big picture. Maybe with how specialized each doctor has become, somewhere along the way they lost their qualifications for everything besides their specific niche in the medical community. There […]

To Treat and At What Expense

So, there’s a new treatment. There’s an old treatment. There’s something so many people swear by. Why haven’t you tried it yet? What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the worst that can happen? What if I told you no one is going to tell you about that. What if you’re the person that doesn’t […]

Botox Round 1: Initial Reactions

Botox. No no, not the kind that freezes your face and is an expensive cosmetic treatment favored by rich white women everywhere. Pure Botox that is used for many medical applications. The idea that has been shoved down my throat as the route I need to take since before my migraines were even chronic… The […]