Alex’s Halloween Horrors List: 2022

A large 12 foot skeleton towers over a spooky scene. Carved pumpkins line a bench surrounded by dead corn stalks. Behind a maple tree peaks out someone in a ghostface costume brandishing a knife.

The annual tradition continues and I’m kicking it off early this year to take full advantage of all of the great new horror movies coming out and to give myself more time to enjoy the festivities.

One reason I really wanted to expand the horror list and open it up to just a few more movies isn’t just because Fall is in the air, but to really be inclusive. I found it rather inaccessible to try and watch a horror movie every single night not knowing how my health would behave so I’ve slowly cut back on how many films I try to watch each season.

This year’s list is broken up into two sections, with the first part being the official watchlist for the season comprised of 16 films and the second part being additional films to catch as they’re released over September and October, most of which will hit streaming for everyone to enjoy, while a few will remain theatrical releases available to those comfortable heading off to the theater.

Before we venture into this years highly anticipated list, I want to highlight a few films that will not be making the list but were my absolute favorites from the last year that you might want to add to your own list.

Top 5 Horror Watches Since Last Halloween

5. Exists (2014) – Perhaps not a 5 star film, but when it comes to creature features and particularly our good friend big foot this one nails it.

4. Echoes (2022)series – Existing on the edge of thriller and drama this Netflix series follows the storyline of a missing twin sister and all of the secrets between twins as they try and find her.

3. Yellowjackets (2021)series – Perhaps the best horror series to come out in recent years, Yellowjackets follows two timelines of the main characters, one while they’re in high school lost in the woods after a plane crash, and the second as adults when the past comes back to haunt them.

2. Scream (2022) I had the pleasure of doing a little scream-a-thon in anticipation of the latest Scream movie coming out earlier this year. No spoilers from me but this film easily vies for the 2nd place slot in the overall franchise rankings, and major bonus a lot of original characters are back.

1. Wrong Turn (2021) Taken by an absolutely delightful surprise after not at all enjoying the original franchise, this remake is a must see. Y’all know I’m a huge fan of Appalachia based mythology and this one gets all sorts of weird.

2022’s Horror Watch List:

This year’s list is mostly a collection of new movies I haven’t gotten the chance to check out yet with only a few movies from the past I’d never heard of making the cut.

16. Alone With You (2022)

What should be a romantic evening seems to take a dark and twisted turn. The main character appears to be isolated with her thoughts and forced to face something… perhaps we’ll go in the direction of a haunted space, or perhaps a haunted mind that has fooled her into thinking everything in her life was real.

Available for streaming on Shudder

15. Disappearance at Clifton Hill (2020)

Drawn in by Connor Jessup, this movie follows a young woman who returns home and begins to unravel a horrible event she witnessed as a child. However, as many stories like this goes, digging up secrets is something many townspeople are against and puts the young woman in danger.

Available for streaming on Netflix and Hulu

14. Firestarter (2022)

Stephen King meets Zac Efron I really don’t see what isn’t to love about this new movie. We meet Zac Efron’s daughter who is gifted with the ability to start fires with her mind and follow along as she learns to control it while being tracked down by people who want to eradicate or use her gifts for their own purposes.

Available for streaming on Amazon Prime

13. Fresh (2022)

An absolute hit from the film festivals and highly recommended by anyone who has seen it, Fresh gives us a glimpse into dating gone really, really bad. There might be cannibals? I anticipate the movie will be just as alluring as the trailer.

Available for streaming on Hulu

12. Lake Mungo (2008)

I’ve gone back and forth on this movie for quite some time, but time and time again the found footage crown brings it up as a must see. A girl drowns in the lake and then the family begins to experience strange happenings. I imagine it isn’t exactly their daughter back from beyond.

Available for streaming on Tubi

11. Nope (2022)

Jordan Peele remains one of the best to do modern horror films and his latest release Nope has been referenced as another work of art. Not many horror movies explore the Western theme, so I’ll be excited to see where this one goes.

Currently available for rent

10. One Hour Photo (2002)

Somehow I missed this Robin Williams movie entirely, but it gives eerie vibes and with Robin Williams as the star it became a must watch. This film follows him working at a photo developing store, who knows everyone in town, and does some dark and creepy shit as a result.

Currently available for rent

9. Orphan: First Kill (2022)

One of my favorite movies has gotten a prequel starring the same star. The storyline is interesting enough to be curious how Esther’s origins came about, but to use the same actress over a decade later playing an even younger child is frankly bizarre.

Available for rent and streaming on Paramount+

8. The Empty Man (2020)

A trope as old as time, a bunch of teens get together and make bad choices summoning some kind of evil. We get to see the days that follow where they come to face The Empty Man. What’s not to love?

Available for streaming on HBO Max

7. The Neighbor (2016)

A couple escapes their past only to find themselves tormented by the creepy neighbor, we’ve seen this movie a few times but creepy neighbor has a creepy mask so we’ll just have to see how it holds up.

Available for streaming on Vudu

6. The Stairs (2021)

Horror is always at it’s best when folks just start wandering out into the woods, as the cast of this movie is happy to do. But, it gets a little weird when there’s a slew of doors and a staircase in the middle of the woods.

Available for streaming on Tubi

5. The Woman in The Window (2020)

A woman with agoraphobia is this films main character and she witnesses something rather awful to the neighbor across the street. However, in reporting what has happened the film leans into the mental health aspect of our main character and pushes her to believe what she saw wasn’t reality.

Available for streaming on Netflix

4. They/Them (2022)

There’s just so much to absolutely love about the plot of this movie before even seeing it. I’m loving Kevin Bacon’s return to horror especially a slasher given his role in the original Friday the 13th. We’re back at camp and it’s a conversion camp and I have a feeling the victims of the camp (queer teens) may come out as victorious leaving those in charge, well, dead. Even the title has been well thought out giving a nod to slashers with they slash them.

Available for streaming on Peacock

3. Watcher (2022)

Years ago I was absolutely blown away by The Woman on the Train and this movie brings me right back to the atmosphere that created. Beautifully filmed, suspenseful, and completely unsure where it might go a woman notices someone in the apartment across from them is watching them. Soon a murder occurs and we’re left wondering if our star woman is paranoid about being watched or if she knows something everyone else doesn’t.

Available for streaming on Shudder

2. Who Invited Them (2022)

Unexpected guests usually carry dark secrets when horror is involved. The lead up to this film is very reminiscent of the Invitation and the previews give very little away, but one can only presume these uninvited guests want to do away with the new homeowners.

Available for streaming on Shudder

1. Umma (2022)

I never expected to see the Sandra Oh in a horror movie but I am so thrilled she was cast for this roll. Korean based horror movies tend to be some of my favorites when I don’t know a lot about them going in. I expect this to be a rather dark film, as it centers around the relationship between Sandra Oh’s character and her diseased mother.

Available for streaming on Netflix

Coming to Streaming/Theaters This Spooky Season:

The Invitation (2022)

Absolutely ADORE a good vampire movie and that’s just what this one appears to be. Of course, the name is shared with one of my other favorite horror movies, but this particular invitation takes us to a wedding overseas. But who’s wedding is it?

Currently In Theaters – Expected VOD release Mid October

September 14th – Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers has the chance to start fresh in this film with the return of the iconic monster, but the release of the original franchises long disgraced director. This film mixes much of the original ideas of monster with a haunted house or carnival like experience, which is a fun fresh take on the storyline.

This movie will release in theaters and streaming (platform not yet released)

September 23rd – Don’t Worry Darlin

A society in the 1950s sold as a utopian experiment, but all isn’t as it seems and the entire premise of the film is frankly terrifying.

This movie will have an exclusive theatrical release but could follow the 45 day schedule for VOD release to HBO Max

October – Teen Wolf

All of our favorites (minus Stiles) return for the highly anticipated Teen Wolf movie. Over the last year I finally watched the series and loved it, so news of the film was a sweet surprise. From the previews it looks as if all of the bad guys from the show are back and all of the teens are now adults.

This movie will be streaming on Paramount+ in October.

October 6th – Terrifier 2

I’ll be honest, I thought the original Terrifier movie was totally 90s and not a recent movie. But Art the Clown is back to provide more absolute terror this October, and this time in a more appropriate for a clown funhouse.

This movie will hit theaters on October 6th and will be released on Screambox for streaming later.

October 14th – Halloween Ends

The final chapter to the latest trilogy of Halloween movies arrives this Halloween season. Will we wrap up the iconic Michael Myers for good? Do slasher movies ever let the bad guy die? Why no, I don’t think they do, but perhaps he will be put to bed for now.

This movie will only have a theatrical release and is not expected to be streaming during the Halloween season.

TBD, likely this Halloween Season – Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey

An absolutely devastating concept has been born: a scary 1000 acre woods. And I hate to admit it but it looks like we may have a really great slasher movie on our hands, with a very large Winnie the Pooh as the main killer.

This movie does not have a release date, but speculation suggest it might arrive in time for Halloween.

TBD – Wednesday, Original Netflix Series

Coming to Netflix sometime this fall is a new series called Wednesday, an exciting new addition to The Addams Family. Wednesday appears to troubled in school, per usual Wednesday fashion, but finds herself more at home when she transfers to a perhaps supernaturally inclined school

This series will likely release to Netflix around Halloween.

This year’s list has shaped up to be a ton of fun, but don’t forget if you want even MORE horror content head on over to my newly updated Horror Corner tab where you can see all of the horror lists from the past, the original 31 days collection of lists, and my exclusively published 101 Horror Movie of the Decade collection written by a ghost writer.

I can’t wait to hear what movies made your lists this year and to dive into this incredible collection of films!

To follow along with horror viewings follow me on twitter @HemingwayMuse or check out my Patreon where all $1 tier subscribers get access to extended horror viewing content!

Let the hauntings begin!


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