Exclusive Mighty Article: The Trouble With Reducing Stress

Screen clipping of article from The Mighty. Image across the top is in soft blue tones, a girl seemingly falling through the air. Article is written by Alex Tomlinson in the Migraine category on January 7th, 2020. Title: Why Reducing Stress Isn't Easy for People With Chronic Illness

In case you missed it…

My latest Mighty Exclusive piece was published earlier this month. One of the prompts sent out to Contributing writers was to take a piece of advice that is often given, particularly something that is well intention-ed, and re-frame the advice to better fit our condition.

At first I didn’t really resonate with the prompt, but as life goes, I got stressed out and realized that the constant pressure for people to live less stressful lives is a lot more complicated when you throw in an illness.

You can read my experience with stress, advice, and how I change my approach towards “stress” on The Mighty in my article: Why Reducing Stress Isn’t Easy for People With Chronic Illness.


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2 thoughts on “Exclusive Mighty Article: The Trouble With Reducing Stress

  1. This is so good! Thank you for writing and sharing this. I’ve had similar experiences with stress and have found that changing the way I handle it is better than trying to avoid it, and understanding our illness helps us understand that we also can’t avoid being stressed and naturally overstimulated.

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    1. I’m so glad you liked it!! It seems like such a small change to adjust how we react rather than avoiding it all together, but so often it seems like an either or. Either be stress free or have the stress control your life. I like to think we’re in a happy medium with how we handle it.

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