Take What You Need

Encouragement and support. From friends, from family, and from total strangers, it all adds up to make this life a little more valuable. As I work through my own grief, I wanted to share pieces of sentiments offered to me that I believe should be extended to you.

Take the words you need. Take the support. Know it’s coming from me, the way it’s come from many others. Leave what you don’t need.

And as said in Eat, Pray, Love: “So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him, then drop it.”

Some people might have their own set of priorities laid out for you in their head. ~ S

You are doing what you can for yourself. That’s what matters, not what everyone else “thinks” you should be doing. ~ T

You should feel your feelings, even if they’re not pleasant. You will come around and eventually you will get hurt. It doesn’t mean you should disregard what has been said, but you have to cope with it and come to terms with the fact that it’s their feelings and their anger. Their feelings and their anger won’t follow you forever. ~ S

Your blog is so important. ~ K

Reminding you today of what an incredibly self-aware, intelligent, articulate, compassionate, talented, and thoughtful human you are. ~ H

Bad days aren’t forever. They help us remember the good days. ~ P

You have a random stranger that is here for you, because I’ve seen it first hand. Lots of love. ~ R

The way you are living is 100% valid. ~ B

I understand that you don’t want to talk to anyone today. I know how tough those days can be but I’m here for you whenever you need me. ~ A

Image description – black dog peering up from the bottom of the photo with big brown eyes.

Dolly’s popping in to tell ya everything’s gonna be alright. ~ C

It’s not always about what we need or even desire. Sometimes it’s only about working with what we have. These are opportunities in life that we learn from and become stronger because of. ~ S

You should know you deserve better even if you don’t think so right now. ~ I

Image description: small brown dog with a big smile wearing polka dotted birthday hat.

My dog says hi and she loves you. ~ S

He is one voice but I think the voices of those that support you should drown his out. ~ M

Life is hard, but it won’t always be. If you’re tired, take a rest love. ~ C

You are never alone. From the people that have positive fully reviewed your blog, to anyone that’s left the positive comments, you have people. ~ M

I pray for you everyday that you are happy and healthy. ~ G

You cannot feel guilty for having the life that you have… that doesn’t negate your daily sturggles. ~ M

People show their true colors when they are unhappy with themselves and with something in their lives. You can’t let these people take a part of you. Leave them in the past and focus on your bright and beautiful future. ~ C

You’ve been through hell and back. Ran up and down the wall to get to where you are now with your pain you’ve dealt with for so long and you do what you love even though you can’t do a lot of things. You’re stronger than you know. ~ B

We don’t face this life alone. Which is often a bless that remains disguised.

Encourage others and let them know you’re proud of them on their best days and on their mediocre days. We can’t wait until people break to remind them of their value.

My friend Matt reached out yesterday, very early in the day. Simply because he saw something that made me think of him. He said: ” we may not be close or anything like that, but I care a great deal about you, always have and always will. So I’m always going to check on you, and this and that. Whatever to do, just to be there for you.” And through it all yesterday, that sentiment that came long before I needed reassurance, allowed me to persevere.


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