10 Signs You Might Be Turning Into An Adult

Photo Description: three by three cube shelves full of fancy shoes with a felt sign in the middle spelling out “congrats on adulting @ mylifemymigraine.com”

Eventually we all will hit that point where the phrase “this must be what adults do” becomes more and more common.

It doesn’t matter if you grew up quick and started the whole adulting thing before you were even 18, or if you enjoyed the carefree college days for a few extra years… you’ll wind up at this place sooner or later.

If you find yourself feeling more and more like an adult that probably has no business being the grown-up in the room… here’s 10 things you might relate to:

One: Your Food Isn’t Precooked or Instant Anymore

Remember the good old days of eating only ramen noodles or instant rice because a) that’s what you could afford and b) it was quick?

Chances are good that those days are slowly becoming few and far between.

And if you held out as a ramen lover, odds are good you’re fancying it up with some sesame oil, fresh ginger and garlic, fresh veggies, and a delicious fried egg.

I’m beginning to think that being an adult is proving that yes you could probably be a stay at home mom, minus the toddler running around, and still have your day jam packed full of cooking.

Two: Your Furniture Matches From Room To Room

I may be slightly biased because I’m an interior designer, but there’s something really satisfying about having furniture and decor throughout your entire home that all actually fits in the space.

Gone is the $40 futon you used in your dorm and first apartment, along with the liquor bottles decorating the tops of your kitchen cabinets.

It isn’t necessarily a luxurious set of pieces you’ve got, but somewhere along the way it clicked that if you’ve got gold on your coffee table you shouldn’t have silver on your TV stand. And suddenly the wood tones and colors start to match pretty well too.

Walking into your room no longer feels like a BOP magazine exploded onto your walls, and your mattress has made the move away from the corner of the room and even onto a frame.

Three: You Suddenly Have a Green Thumb

Remember how many times you tried to keep various plants alive and were better at killing cacti and succulents than you wanted to admit?

And then your friend gifts you a little plant.

Suddenly you decide that little plant could use a friend.

And oh my gosh now that first little plant is getting brown and maybe you can find a way to bring it back to life…

Then there you are, surrounded by 20, hell maybe even 37 different plants with a full knowledge of different soils they need, when to water them, how much light they need, and what the signs are that they might just be outgrowing their existing pot.

You might even be spending your late nights looking at plants, seeing pictures of other people’s plants all over Pinterest, and signing up for the cheapest plant subscription box you can find.

Four: You Own a Set of Coasters

… that you actually use.

It started off little, you recognized that you foolishly purchased glassware that sweats and you don’t want condensation just sitting on your table because lets be honest you have no idea how to get that water ring out of the surface of your end table.

If we’re being more honest, you bought the coasters so you could set one over the water ring and pretend it never happened.

(Shameless plug for my lovely friend Jessica who makes awesome coasters: buy them here)

Five: You Have a Routine You Follow Religiously

Whether it’s first thing when you get up and you spend a little extra time doing your makeup, enjoying your coffee, and stretching before you inevitably have to rush off to work or you have a fancy skin care regime you follow every night, that routine is hard to break.

And why would you want to break it?

We like the way we do things so when something comes up that might be fun and spontaneous, we find ourselves missing the little comforts of our routine.

Six: You Schedule Time With Your Best Friend

Gone are the days spent bouncing from house to house, constantly surrounded by a big group of friends.

Now you find yourself actually having to find that blank space on your calendar and writing your BFFs name in bold letters. And then you’ve got to double-check everyone’s schedule to see if it really works out.

Between working and internships and whatever else is going on in our lives, we really just get busy. And getting busy is a true test of friendship because your best friend isn’t going to chastise you for only being available once every few weeks and certainly won’t make you feel bad if you want to cancel the girls night out and spend the evening in pajamas watching some odd foreign film instead.

Being an adult means your circle is going to get smaller. You’re lucky if you get to live relatively close, but unless you’re in the same apartment complex it’ll never quite be like college where their dorm room was right across the hall from you.

Seven: The Correct Answer Always Is To Call Your Mom

You probably hated her when you were 13.

And that’s okay because she hated you too.

But suddenly you’re faced with a whole lot of the exact same things she went through and she’s quite literally a phone call away.

I mean really, I can’t be the only one who refused to learn little things like how the settings on my washer and dryer work or why I do in fact need to be cooking on medium-high heat.

And there you are running outside with a pan full of garlic that is engulfed in flames so you’re not that person who set off the fire alarm in your complex…

Mom’s are pretty useful, but you also should just call your mom to call your mom. And if there isn’t anything new to talk about, you can always call your mom and both watch HGTV and make fun of bad kitchen cabinet choices together.

Eight: You’ve Made a Budget

You finally sat down and made some sense out of all the times you swipe your credit card and Venmo your friend for coffee… and oh my god you really did spend $100 on coffee last month.

You always had a general idea of how much money went to bills and what groceries cost, but maybe you just got sick of payday coming and bills being due and there wasn’t any leftover money. And it isn’t because you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s because you didn’t have a budget.

And suddenly you have a broken down idea of what your bills are, when they are due, and how much they all add up to. You can see how much you spend on gas and essential groceries and you’ve got a basic start at your budget.

What’s in my budget?

  • Bills bleh
  • $300 for groceries ~ its just me but I like fresh foods and eat all my meals at home
  • $50 for gas
  • $50 for personal care products
  • $150 extra
  • **any leftover money goes into savings**

Major bonus points to anyone who budgets their amount to put into savings each month… 46% of millennials didn’t have a single dollar saved in a 2017 survey.

Double bonus points if you successfully stick to the budget multiple months in a row.

Nine: You Have an Updated Resume and/or Portfolio

And it isn’t that shit they taught you how to do in some class.

You know how to write a generic and a company specific cover letter. You own clothes specifically for an interview.

You have a running list in your head of the value you bring to a company. You’re beyond looking for just more experience or an entry level position. You’ve decided that even if you aren’t 100% qualified for the job, you will be able to learn and prove that you truly are the perfect candidate.

You’re always looking for ways you can enhance your portfolio and diversity. Whether it’s adding in a college course or two, an additional degree or certification, or experimenting with a new subject matter.

Ten: Your Shoes Feel Like Butter

You aren’t Carrie Bradshaw… but Carrie Bradshaw had a secret, her fanciest and most adored shoes probably felt like butter.

No adult is actually traipsing around in stilettos that make their feet ache after a few hours. Some adults have made the conscious choice to never subject themselves to heels because they just hurt.

But they don’t hurt, you’re just doing shoes all wrong.

When you try on a pair of shoes it should feel like you’re stepping onto a cloud of butter. And as you walk up and down the aisle, do a few squats and such, they should continue to feel like pure bliss.

Moral of the story?

You might not quite be an adult if you’re still relying on microwave meals, always going with the flow, and pretending to love the blisters on your feet. That isn’t the cost of beauty.

Leave a comment below if any of these felt like a “oh shit I might be an adult” moment and leave ideas of what you would add to the list!


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