Why Wildtree?

Image description: 4 glass containers showing different Wildtree brand oils, seasonings, and mixes.

What leaves you with the same question day after day?

In my house the “what’s for dinner” question lingers daily and with three people all with different dietary needs we’re often stumped.

I have to focus on having a diet that low in cheese, hard to process carbs, and high in anti-inflammatory and cooling foods. My mom has to avoid acidic foods and foods with large amounts of lactose, while my father is working to have foods higher in B12.

I was introduced to Wildtree by my coworker Koral last summer. She brought in this delicious S’mores Dessert dip and allowed me to try it – only for me to become just as in love with it as she was. Needless to say, we were both heartbroken when they discontinued it mid-Fall.

But, in the fall I ran into the initial concerns of needing to try a gluten free diet to rule out Celiac disease.

I immediately turned to Koral for help. Pinterest boards are great, but when it comes to completely redoing your diet you need to be able to plan out meals, have recipes, AND have consistent ingredients so you aren’t spending a fortune on odds and ends. Wildtree had just launched a few new meal plans, including a Tex-Mex themed grouping of meals. There were a variety of different meals ranging from tacos to nachos and enchiladas.

This was perfect, as we ordered the kit and were able to have a direction to start on my new “gluten free” adventure. The seasonings were delicious but also mild enough for everyone to enjoy as my mom isn’t an avid spicy food fan. These meals were vegetarian for the most part, which allowed us to play around with them and really make them our own – we added in taco meat, chicken, or pulled pork to a few of the recipes with ease.

But why Wildtree?

Wildtree was born out of the need to accommodate those of us with busy lives who are caught up in dietary restrictions and preferences. It is intended to be an affordable option to provide solutions for meal planning and working alongside those of us who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or may need low sugar or kosher options.

Every one of us has encountered a time when we just don’t know what to eat, don’t have time to dedicate towards cooking and get incredibly stressed out when it comes to food. As a migraine sufferer and someone who is learning quickly that I cannot battle IBS I have to accommodate it, Wildtree is the answer for me.

It also saves me a trip to the grocery store, and I understand the quality of products I am buying.

So What Products and Services Does Wildtree Have To Offer?

Meal Solutions with Wildtree provide three different solutions to fit various needs:

  • Fresh, Dinners in a Dash – this line offers 5-6 Wildtree products paired with 8 recipes matched to those products that allow you to throw together a fresh meal without spending a lot of time preparing the meal. This line is perfect if you enjoy cooking from scratch, but are short on time. Check out the BBQ kit or One Pan meals available here!
  • Kits, Make Ahead Meals – this line is my personal favorite as it focuses on truly meal prepping. You can order the kits and set aside one day to make 10 freezer ready meals, so on your stressful work days, you don’t have to worry about also cooking. Check out Summer Slow Cooking and Explore the World kits here!
  • Wellness, Anytime Nutrition – for those of us who spend a lot of time at the gym or don’t always have time to sit down an eat, Wildtree offers a variety of Wellness Shakes that can provide you with all the nutrients of a meal without worrying about having time to eat it. Check out the chocolate or vanilla shakes here!

Meal planning and pre-preparing food saves us money in the long run. No more quick runs to the grocery store or only buying some fancy ingredient that works in a single recipe. I can’t tell you how many weird variations of coconut oil or extract this or that I’ve got laying around that will never be touched. Or that half cup of almond milk I needed while the rest of the gallon ends up going to waste.

Wildtree also offers an incredible Menu Planning Service. This is perfect if you’re new to meal prepping or for those of us who just need an extra guide in helping us find meals and dedicate time to prepare them. It’s quick and easy to set up in just 4 steps:

Looking for just a recipe here or there? There’s an entire recipe tab with everything from appetizers, to meals, desserts, and snacks. You can browse breakfast, lunch, or dinner options as well. Each recipe shows you exactly which Wildtree ingredient you’ll need, the serving size and other nutritional information.

And if you’re looking for a substitute for the regular ingredients you purchase, every product can be purchased individually. You can narrow your search to specify any dietary restrictions, allergens, and by the type of product (soup mixes, dips, oils, sauces) to best fit your needs.

Quality Products and The Environment

Wildtree’s products are all certified USDA Organic.

Beyond being organic, the containers themselves are incredibly enviromentally friendly. Every one of us are making strides to better help our planet, and when we go into the grocery store, so much of the products we purchase have packaging that will end up harming our environment. Wildtree sets an incredible example using minimal packaging and using recyclable materials.

Most products come in a glass container, with a metal lid – both of which are easy to recycle. Some mixes come in cardboard boxes and contain minimal plastic packaging, also making the packaging easy to recycle. When you order a meal kit or set of recipes, those recipes are delivered to your email – this allows you to display them on your tablet or phone rather than printing out a physical paper recipe.

Wildtree and the wonderful people who represent the brand, make a conscious effort to give back to their own communities, whether it be through disaster relief, sending meals to those in need, or finding community specific needs.

To me, Wildtree is a great brand that is dedicated to providing healthy, ethically sourced ingredients, and helping me create meals tailored to my lifestyle needs. It serves as a great alternative to meal delivery services because you truly know what you’re getting before you order and can make adjustments as you need to.

Being able to tailor the recipes and use the mixes in my own way has been my favorite part of using my products because I have a recipe to guide me, but the freedom to change things up by adding or omitting certain parts of the recipe. With other meal kit services, you’re limited to what comes in the box. As consumers, we have to still purchase the produce and meats which gives us the freedom to support our local farmers markets, buy what’s in season, and get meat from local farms.

This Sunday – May 19th, at 8 PM EST I’ll be hosting a live Facebook party alongside Koral. It will be educational and all you need are your pj’s and a glass of wine. You can join the Facebook group here and start getting familiar with more of the Wildtree products. Today we opened up the party and the first THREE orders come with a Starbucks Gift Card! (Me and Koral are both coffee crazy).

Even if you just want to look around and see what they hype is all about that is totally fine! Everyone is welcome and please invite your friends/family who may be interested. By simply joining the group, you have the opportunity to win either a Kids Cheez Blend or an Alfredo Extraordinaire – all you have to do is join the group and comment which one you’d love to add to your pantry!

The party will close on May 26th so make sure you get any orders in before then.

Have any questions? Feel free to pop into our Facebook group and ask there 🙂

What will be in my shopping cart? I’ve got my eyes on the European dipping oil, basil pesto sauce, and Jamaican Jerk seasoning.


**update: WildTree has decided to close it’s doors and will no longer be selling products after July 30th, 2019.**

Planning to browse or shop Wildtree and the party has ended? You can shop anytime here: Wildtree.com

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