Migraine Is A Disability

When you look up the word “disability” there’s some conflicting information. The dictionary gives two definitions: noun – a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities. noun – a disadvantage or handicap, especially one imposed or recognized by the law. According to the ADA, disability is a legal term defined […]

Learning To Grow

I shared this map a few days ago – 28 countries, 367 days, 11,000 clicks, and 11 published pieces. To me, it reminds me to look back, but also to look forward. This time last year I was lost, living in an apartment with just a sectional and a stocked fridge, missing exams and class […]

Disabled on Paper

July 3rd. 2017. Probably the last time I had sun-kissed skin. My freckles were out in full swing. My hair was wavy from being out in the pool. I celebrated the 4th a day early this year. I vividly remember my brother coming over and the food being cooked to be ready at 2 PM […]