Removing the Weight from “Burden”

Burden. A heavy word that gets thrown around quite a bit within the mental health, chronically ill, and disabled communities. It’s about time we break the stigma surrounding “burden” and start learning to accept it and grow with it. But what is a burden? The dictionary describes it as: a load, particularly a heavy one. […]

I Need Encouragement Not Support

Support groups. Venting Sessions. That person you go to when you’ve had a rough day. The overall idea that we all need somebody when things get a little too much. You think I must need somebody. But before I get into it, lets take a step back. There’s two types of people in this world […]

What is My Migraine “Story”…

As the Migraine Summit winds down with tomorrow being the final day, and my 18 week lifestyle program kicking off in less than a month, I’m in the middle of a serious reflection period. Yesterday, I fired my doctor (well, my mom fired her on my behalf) and shockingly, I see my new doctor’s physicians […]

Learning To Grow

I shared this map a few days ago – 28 countries, 367 days, 11,000 clicks, and 11 published pieces. To me, it reminds me to look back, but also to look forward. This time last year I was lost, living in an apartment with just a sectional and a stocked fridge, missing exams and class […]

Chopping Off The Dead Ends

Dead ends. It’s what we typically try to avoid. Every day we make decisions, we pick which roads we want to travel down, we expect the forks in the road, we expect the overgrown paths that haven’t been taken in a while. We understand when suddenly there’s dips and sharp turns, that’s how life is […]