What is My Migraine “Story”…

As the Migraine Summit winds down with tomorrow being the final day, and my 18 week lifestyle program kicking off in less than a month, I’m in the middle of a serious reflection period. Yesterday, I fired my doctor (well, my mom fired her on my behalf) and shockingly, I see my new doctor’s physicians […]

The Pressure To Keep Up

We all know that feeling. That we aren’t doing enough, or aren’t doing the right things at the right time. We feel as if we’re stuck at a certain point while the rest of the world keeps going. Whether it’s our friends getting engaged, starting a family, a sibling getting a promotion, an associate building […]

Defining "Normal"

I’d be crazy to think that “normal” in terms of life as a disabled migraine patient should look anything like your “normal”… When I say this, I want you to think about your week. For the most part, you work your scheduled days, enjoy your weekends, and absolutely dread waking up on a Monday morning. […]

Best Life

It’s that time of year again. We’re bombarded with literally everything. We’re desperately trying to set some new goals and leave bad habits in 2018, because I think we all can agree that 2018 seemed to hit us like a freight train. To be honest, that freight train ran me over in February, and yet […]