Loving Summer Despite Migraines

This time last year I was having a very troubling realization: the activities I knew and loved that came with Summertime, were no longer really options for me.
I struggle with intense heat – and hey, I live in South Carolina its going to be 90 by the end of the week (100 in my 10 day forecast – yuck). I also have a hard time with humidity and some days cannot tolerate the sunlight. But where does that leave me when it comes to participating in summer activities?

Tips and Tricks: Migraines Without Meds

We’ve all got that one thing that we know will make us be more comfortable, more ourselves. That little something we feel gives us an edge in whatever we’re doing. It’s that red pair of shoes that’ll make us stand out from the crowd because there really isn’t a wrong time to wear them, but […]