Tracking Migraine

When it comes to migraine, the more we can understand it the better we can work to eliminate factors that make our pain and symptoms worse.


If Migraine Were A Weather Phenomena

We're all familiar with the idea that migraines and headache types can vary dramatically from person to person and even attack to attack. What if we broke down migraine and headache types and compared them to various weather types and storms?


What is My Migraine “Story”…

As the Migraine Summit winds down with tomorrow being the final day, and my 18 week lifestyle program kicking off in less than a month, I'm in the middle of a serious reflection period. Yesterday, I fired my doctor (well, my mom fired her on my behalf) and shockingly, I see my new doctor's physicians… Continue reading What is My Migraine “Story”…


2019, The Year of Recovery

In the dwindling hours of this year that could truly only be compared to a rollercoaster through hell, I have to sit back at least try to find a New Year's Resolution of sorts. Last year I decided that the actually concept is well, shitty to say the least, because goals that are made just… Continue reading 2019, The Year of Recovery