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A curated collection of my interior design work, including complete kitchen design and construction, furniture and décor selection, and hand painted murals that complete the designs. Design packages and rates can be found at the bottom of the page!

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  • View of condo from kitchen, the new gold pendant lights hang down framing the view where the remainder of the living room design glows in the background
  • As you walk past the kitchen you can see the living room, large navy curtain hang from floor to ceiling on the far wall framing large patio doors outside. There’s a gold bar cart nearest to you on the left and a bright pink chair facing the remainder of the furniture arrangement. A large white vase on the floor full of monstera leaves separates off a small corner office from the main view.
  • Walking along the back of the pink chair to another corner of the room, you look across the living room. A deep navy couch is to your right. You can see directly into the small office space from this angle.
  • A close up of the office space. One of the navy curtains hangs beside a white vanity being used as a desk to blend with the rest of the design. Gold pieces of art are hung above the desk and a small orchid that is pink has been added as decor to compliment the pink chair.
  • Standing in the corner where the office is, you turn and see the whole living space with the kitchen behind it. The deep navy couch has teal and gold pillows tossed across it and looks striking across from the pink chair.
  • This view shows the navy couch head on. To the left of it, between the couch and the patio doors sits a fun Sherpa white chair, this chair is round and really interesting. The couch is framed by two gold and marble end tables with large gold statement lamps set atop them. A beautiful custom piece of artwork is hung above the couch pulling the blues and teals of the space together. In front of the couch sits a gold coffee table. The living room furniture arrangement is framed nicely by a soft white rug with a gentle black lattice pattern.
  • As you walk through the room you return to the kitchen space where an island separates the living room from the kitchen. Barstools with gold legs line the eat at counter. Gold and glass pendant lights hang down tying together the design with the kitchen space which has an older look to it and the original rich wood cabinets.
  • View of the bedroom as you enter the room, the walls are a soft moss color and the bed is covered in deep blue and gold pillows. There’s a white vanity with a teal scalloped velvet chair on the wall to the right and a large fake banana tree against the window that is directly across from the bed as you enter.
  • View of bed head on, standing near the window facing the door. You can see the fun pillows covering the bed with two large plant like photography prints hung on the wall above.

Mid-Century Art Deco Full Condo Design – These renderings above walk you through my latest design project. This is my first fully virtual design working with a client in Minneapolis, MN. We furnished and decorated the entire condo with a delightful jewel toned color palette and an emphasis on texture to allow a fully immersive experience for all who enter the space.

You can also view this project on my Houzz Page. For booking information and rates, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Complete Kitchen Build – this is my largest project that I’ve designed and built from start to finish, you can read the specifics, see process photos, and understand the impact of this project in the corresponding blog post.

The kitchen design works to maximize small space working with a minimal budget, while creating a stunning black and white art deco inspired design complete with custom intricate details.

Outdoor Living Space complete with seating and lighting to really make it the perfect place to unwind day and night.

  • Bathroom walls have been painted white

Bathroom upgrade from a whole host of mismatched wood tones and a dated color scheme, to a sleek black and white modern bathroom.

Two accent chairs paired along a wall, one in deep navy the other a soft brown leather/tan tone with a trio of gold nesting tables arranged between them. A white lamp sits on top of one of the tables. Two butterfly paintings are centered above the chairs.

Finishing Touch Living Room Design – This design progress shows a partial project where we rearranged to better utilize the space and incorporate a new set of tables my client had gotten. We worked with existing decor items to allow the tables to display some pieces while maintaining usability of each table. Future plans for adding sheers, shifting the butterfly art to be centered above the tables, and custom statement fabric panels were made to install behind the couch opposite these chairs to finish off the room.

Shabby Chic Apartment living room design, utilizing soft textures and bright accents.


New York Skyline mural in NYC themed bedroom 2015.

  • Gold elephant mural with abstract lines

Elephant Mural Progress 2020 done with gold paint sharpie and paint.

Digital Projects

ADA Industrial Two-Story Loft: Combining elements original to the old factory with new chic designs while taking advantage of the large windows and open floor plan to create an accessible two story loft. Below is a look at the finishes and renderings for the space:

Glamorous Hotel Concept: Taking a shabby chic style and adding in a sense of glamour and sophistication for this hotel design. Below are the furnishing choices and AutoCAD designs:

Booking Inquiries and Rates

Below you can get a glimpse into the various packages I offer along with rates for individual services. I am only accepting clients on a limited basis but if you’d like to work together fill out this contact form and I will be in touch. Please include in your message any details regarding what you’re looking for and your preferred project timeline.

I am a disabled designer and my main commitment is to prioritizing access for clients and reimagining how design can be done for clients with a range of needs.


Flyer of my design packages. An initial consult is $50. The first design package is called Design Lite and starts at $190. This includes two rooms, with a discounted rate of $80 per additional room. Each room will have an inspiration board, color palette with paint colors, a detailed shopping list and a choice of 2-3 furniture selections or full accent selections. 
The second design package is called design pro and starts at $450. This includes two rooms with a discounted rate of $125 per additional room. This package includes a color palette with paint colors, lighting selections, fabrics - which include rugs, pillows, and window treatments, furniture up to 4 pieces per room, main artwork and a detailed shopping list.
Both packages have a variety of upgrades available that start at $20.
Design A La Carte Services include Spatial planning for $50, Color Selection for $50, Full Rooms starting at $100. These services are broken down into furniture selection for $100 which includes 4 pieces per room, with $20 per additional piece. A la carte selection for furniture including a consult call is $40. Full room decor selection starts at $100 per room with a base package including lighting, fabrics, and main artwork. The full decor package is $150 per room including the base package plus finishing touch selections. The final service available is the finishing touch service for $75.

Client Reviews:

"Alexandra did a complete interior design on my empty condo. What’s more, she did it virtually using video chats. I can’t say enough about how much I adore the space she designed and receive frequent compliments on the décor. Alexandra gave me choices throughout the design and explained everything thoroughly. It felt like she was guiding my hand rather than controlling the process and I appreciated that very much. I highly recommend Alexandra and would love to work with her again." - client review 2021