Interior Design Gallery


A curated collection of my interior design work, including complete kitchen design and construction, furniture and décor selection, detail shots of my favorite work, and hand painted murals that complete the designs.

Complete Kitchen Build – this is my largest project that I’ve designed and built from start to finish, you can read the specifics, see process photos, and understand the impact of this project in the corresponding blog post.

The kitchen design works to maximize small space working with a minimal budget, while creating a stunning black and white art deco inspired design complete with custom intricate details.

Outdoor Living Space complete with seating and lighting to really make it the perfect place to unwind day and night.

  • Bathroom walls have been painted white

Bathroom upgrade from a whole host of mismatched wood tones and a dated color scheme, to a sleek black and white modern bathroom.

Shabby Chic Apartment living room design, utilizing soft textures and bright accents.

Design Details

Highlighting décor details from various designs.

Designing With Plants

Incorporating plants into décor as a main focal point.


New York Skyline mural in NYC themed bedroom 2015.

  • Gold elephant mural with abstract lines

Elephant Mural Progress 2020 done with gold paint sharpie and paint.

Digital Projects

ADA Industrial Two-Story Loft: Combining elements original to the old factory with new chic designs while taking advantage of the large windows and open floor plan to create an accessible two story loft. Below is a look at the finishes and renderings for the space:

Glamorous Hotel Concept: Taking a shabby chic style and adding in a sense of glamour and sophistication for this hotel design. Below are the furnishing choices and AutoCAD designs: