Interior Design Gallery

Art Deco inspired studio combining nods to mid-century pieces and modern glamour to create a sophisticated and cozy environment. Texture plays a key role in this design with the shag rug, velvet couch, and decor to create interest everywhere the eye travels.

Living Room:


Elegant and sophisticate bedroom concept: combining deep, dark pigments with rich white accents and soft, warm lighting to create an inviting bedroom oasis. The space embodies luxury and sophistication with gold accents and a careful attention to detail including a variety of textures and and patterns.

Shabby Chic apartment design early Spring 2018.

A nod to Rock n Roll apartment redesign Summer 2018.

Digital Projects

ADA Industrial Two-Story Loft: Combining elements original to the old factory with new chic designs while taking advantage of the large windows and open floor plan to create an accessible two story loft. Below is a look at the finishes and renderings for the space:

Glamorous Hotel Concept: Taking a shabby chic style and adding in a sense of glamour and sophistication for this hotel design. Below are the furnishing choices and AutoCAD designs: