Holiday Shop

As the ads slowly come out, the Christmas decor takes over where the Halloween goodies should be, and the early shoppers start in to find the perfect gift, I beg the question of you:

What is that perfect gift?

Every year we make lists of things we would love to have, and often those lists revolve around what we need. New cooking utensils, socks or pajamas, and perhaps even a vacuum cleaner.

But, think about that gift that you received that felt like it truly meant something. It was thoughtful, unexpected, maybe not even on your list… What made it special?

To me, the gifts that have always held the most value came from the heart.

And what better way is there to find a gift that is unique, made with love, and is guaranteed to make someone smile than by having a list of incredible small businesses, with owners who have fostered their passions to create these gifts just for you.

Below is an array of shops offering home decor, knit goods, health and wellness products, crystals, goodies, and jewelry all carefully selected to make your holiday shopping a breeze. In addition to the featured small businesses, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of books to gift to the reader in your life.

Get to know the people behind each shop, their product offerings, and what being a small business owner means to them.

Home Decor

Jessica Abella

My name is Jess, I’m 28 and I graduated from Montserrat College Of Art with my BFA in photography. I started my own business in 2015 shortly after graduation that was geared more towards events & family portraits. This was a sure way to build up clients and to make some quick cash, but after a few years I decided to push my passion in a different direction. A direction I would do for me and only me. 

This is where I fell in love with resin. Instead of testing out small molds and little projects, I dove right in despite my fears and made a 16 x 20 painting for my first project: a geode, something I have always wanted to make. After creating my first painting I fell in love. From there I experimented with Orgonites, freeform resin, home decor and different types of molds. Today I run a successful business online that inspires me to use my creative freedom everyday. My dream is to own a studio and be able to create art full time.

Being a small business owner has given my life a purpose. I wake up every day excited to create and put fourth the new ideas I come up with. I love what I do, and the fact that people love it too makes me feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

You can check out her shop at and find her on Twitter and Instagram!

The Earth Mom

My name is Kimberly and I’m a self taught pyrography artist from New Jersey. One of the things that makes my wood burning so unique is that every detail is made by hand using pyrography tools. I hand draw on most of my vision in a rough outline and then free hand the details of each piece using my burning tools. This is very time consuming and some more detailed pieces with shading can take days or weeks to complete depending on how much time I have to commit.

I have a strong foundation in the arts as I grew up learning mediums such as acrylics, charcoal, sculpting, and pencil work over a span of over 6 years. I chose a wood burning kit in the craft store one day and fell in love with the process to create detailed pieces. Everything I learned artistically through the years prepared me when starting but it took years to perfect my lines and get comfortable enough to do more realistic creations that included shading. 

I love having a small business. Sometimes it can get rough financially, mostly because I enjoy sharing my love of wood burning than actually turning a profit but I have been so lucky to have some really incredible customers over the years. I’ve created something when starting this business that has spread joy, not only to me, but to the people who have ordered from me. I love seeing my customers light up after seeing the details first hand, plus a majority of my work includes custom orders that tend to be very sentimental. It’s a great feeling and worth the hard work.


You can contact me for customs or find me on social media here:

  • My custom orders are always open message me on Instagram – @botanistmama or Twitter- @botanistmama
  • Shop my Etsy for chakra products, wood burned boxes, crystals, & more!

Knit Creations

Maple Farm Designs

Our shop is unique because it’s not only twin owned and operated but this is such an important time in my twin and I’s lives. We started this business to help save our planet by eliminating single use items and plastic home products such as single use makeup wipes, sponges, loofah, and even plastic produce bags you get from the grocery store. By using our products you’re helping keep those plastic and single use items out of landfills and our oceans!

Being a small business owner is so important to me; not only does it give me more time to spend at home with my children but it allows me to spend more time helping people and animals in need! A portion of all our profits get donated to local animal shelters to help with food, cleaning supplies and litter!

We offer customs on any and every item we make! Every item can be customized down to the shade of color you choose! You can browse our website here.

Our website is updated monthly however, our twitter is updated DAILY with products available for purchase. Place your order with us directly on Twitter here to receive 5% off your order – all you have to do is mention that you read about us on My Life My Migraine’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Health & Wellness

The Spoonless Witch

The Spoonless Witch is a shop that carries a variety of products, including tarot readings, handmade jewelry, prints of my photography, and all-natural skincare. My all-natural skincare is my best-selling product; especially my Aloe & Green Tea Sugar Scrub which is great for clearing up acne and eczema, and my Pain Reliever Bundle which contains my very own unique recipe for a new kind of pain-relieving cream as well as a pain-relieving massage oil. My earrings are always made with hypoallergenic stainless-steel hooks, as I am also allergic to most metals and I know how hard it is to find hypoallergenic jewelry. I have such a passion for creating, no matter what medium I’m using; I hope others enjoy what I create as much as I enjoy creating them. I do take custom orders for tarot readings if what you want isn’t on my site, skincare products if you have a specific skincare problem, and jewelry if you would like any kind of beaded or wire wrapped piece within reason, based off of my abilities. My customers aren’t just customers, they’re my friends – I’m forever thinking of what I can sneak into their next package!

Being a small business means sharing my creative passions with the world. It means that although I am disabled and cannot work a regular 9-5 job, I can still have some sort of an income; it also helps me feel like I am contributing something to society and the world.

Brenna, owner of the spoonless witch

To contact me for customs you can either check out the ‘Contact Us’ page on my website, email, or send me a message on any of my social media accounts, excluding Pinterest, listed below.

To thank you for reading about my business on here, use this code for 15% off anything on my website! Good for one use per customer: “XMASCHEER”

Crystals and Goodies

Sweet + Sowers Shop

Sweet + Sowers Shop is a small business managed by Stephanie Sowers. The shop prides itself on creating hand made, cruelty free candles made with all natural soy waxes. The shop’s most popular item is the All Natural Coffee Espresso candle which is hand crafted using locally sourced coffee beans. It will leave your home smelling like your favorite coffee shop! Stephanie intuitively selects and creates all items to be perfect for your home or your personal altar.

Stephanie manages her small candle business alongside her job as a behavioral and mental health worker, and a disability advocate. For her, being a small business owner means she can continue on her own personal health journey while helping spread awareness for chronic pain and disability to help others.

You can shop her site here!

Good Juu Juu

Good Juu Juu LLC is a woman and minority owned business based in the Bay Area, California. We are best known for our Juu Juu Box. Every season, we curate a limited number of unique pieces from small businesses across the country. Each Juu Juu Box contains 10 hand-picked items valued at $100+. We also provide premium crystal jewelry, keychains, home decor, and crystals for sexual balancing and healing. As of August 2019, we are pleased to introduce Juu Juu Talks. These personalized coaching sessions have already empowered others to embody their highest self and live with more confidence, purpose and joy.

“Being a small business owner means FREEDOM. Freedom to work when and how I want. Freedom to explore my creative abilities. Freedom to connect with likeminded individuals. Freedom to be myself and encourage others to do the same.”

– Sierra, Co-Founder and Director of Product Development
  • Shop our website HERE.
  • Book a Juu Juu Talk HERE.
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  • Watch our Youtube videos HERE.


Levitating Moon

I just started my shop and wanted to create a unique jewelry style that focused on simplicity. I like very simple jewelry and I know that somewhere out there someone else also likes simple designs. My shop is pretty new and I just started it because I really love to put my love and energy into pieces. To see people that wear my work and love it means the world to me and its the best feeling ever.

Being a small business owner to me is being able to put love into every piece and that every piece I make is unique and different from the last. Being a small business owner and doing everything can be hard, but at the end of the day its so nice knowing that I can do all of this while being in school.”

Alyssa pecyne, owner of levitating moon

You can browse my Etsy shop here and if you’re interested in a custom send me a message on twitter here.

Pouring With Love

Pouring With Love is a business that combines art + wellness, both from nature. My inspiration and most of my materials come from nature for both my art as well as my wellness products! I create functional art and jewelry with resin, wire, crystals, and real plants. I also create herbal + aromatherapy bath and wellness products. Pouring With Love is a way to combine the beauty and benefits of nature and put it into something more tangible for consumers!

To me, being a small business owner is about freedom to really be myself. I’m able to do what I love and what I’m passionate about, and help others, or bring them joy, in the process.

Tia Meechan, owner of pouring with love

If you’re interested in custom inquiries contact me! Use the code 10OFF on my site for a 10% discount on your order!

Novels and Poetry

Hogoe Elimiera – author of Logically Depressed and Painfully Numb.

Logically Depressed by Hogoe Elimeria

“There is a small bridge between wholesome peace and mindful comprehension. Its even harder when so many things distract, and try to interrupt your mentality, especially when you are aware of the need to explore your mentality, but your emotions and understandings can’t let you be. This book is for those people that are very much like me. Aware of the sadness’s temporary hold, but still feel like it’s permanent. In the end, it always gets better, it had to in order for me to write this and tell you.”

Buy on Amazon here!

Painfully Numb by Hogoe Elimeria

“The only thing you can’t achieve is what you already completed the day before, it’s done and accounted for, everything else from today onwards is free game. Something as sure as your success, doesn’t need to be defined by too many words. Allow the results of that self-advancement to speak for itself. Just know that you can, You will, because you are bound for greatness.”

Buy on Amazon here!

The Tacharan: A Story of Loch Ness by Kieth D Graham

“I have quite a story to tell you. My next announcement is that I will be going away for a long time. You see, today March 8th 2025, you know me as Mitchell Church, but that is not my true name. My birth name is McDougal of Inverness, I was born in the year of our Lord 1541 and this is my story…….”So, what does an sixteenth-century Scotsman, two opposing alien races, three countries, and four centuries have in common with the Loch Ness Monster? Join McDougal as he travels around the world and space in his quest to save and protect his new friends, the Tacharan. Or as the world knows them, The Loch Ness Monster!

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Inventing Edward Lear by Sara Lodge

Inventing Edward Lear is an exceptional, valuable, original study, presenting new materials on aspects of Lear’s life and work.”

―Jenny Uglow, author of Mr. Lear and The Lunar Men

“Edward Lear wrote some of the best-loved poems in English, including “The Owl and the Pussycat,” but the father of nonsense was far more than a poet. He was a naturalist, a brilliant landscape painter, an experimental travel writer, and an accomplished composer. Sara Lodge presents the fullest account yet of Lear’s passionate engagement in the intellectual, social, and cultural life of his times.

Lear had a difficult start in life. He was epileptic, asthmatic, and depressive, but even as a child a consummate performer who projected himself into others’ affections. He became, by John James Audubon’s estimate, one of the greatest ornithological artists of the age. Queen Victoria―an admirer―chose him to be her painting teacher. He popularized the limerick, set Tennyson’s verse to music, and opened fresh doors for children and adults to share fantasies of magical escape. Lodge draws on diaries, letters, and new archival sources to paint a vivid picture of Lear that explores his musical influences, his religious nonconformity, his relationship with the Pre-Raphaelite movement, and the connections between his scientific and artistic work. He invented himself as a character: awkward but funny, absurdly sympathetic. In Lodge’s hands, Lear emerges as a dynamic and irreverent polymath whose conversation continues to draw us in.

Inventing Edward Lear is an original and moving account of one of the most intriguing and creative of all Victorians.”

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