Project Gallery

On A Wall Near You ~ a collection of customs completed and on display by their new owners.

  • The large sun and moon painting with the abstract moon phases are hanging next to a gold mirror against a black wall.
  • My first bat painting is hung in around a collection of other spooky paintings on my clients wall.
  • My first set of watercolor charleston paintings are hung above a vanity mirror.
  • My first sun and moon paintings paired with the banner style moon phases hang next to a window.
  • The gold gingko leaf painting hangs above a golden coffee cart and a color display of records. The sun casts a warm glow against it.

The Glitter Collection

  • Full Original Glitter collection, a large narrow canvas with an abstract gold elephant spans the left wall. In the center my gold and black live by the sun love by the moon paintings are hung framing a square black and gold drip painting. On the right a narrow hanging panel with gold glitter moon phases completes the collection.
  • A larger scale sun and moon collection. All on wrapped canvas the gold sun and moon canvas sit to the left of a larger and wider canvas with a slightly more geometric version of the gold moon phases.
  • A halloween gold and silver cloudy night. The bare branches reach up into the clouds where a full moon peaks out. Large black bats fly around the canvas.
  • A full moon in gold glitter with large black bats flying in circles around it growing larger as they move away. Silver clouds wrap around the moon in the distance.
  • A 12x12 black canvas painted with gold gingko leaves that are blooming out of a golden circle in the bottom right. The leaves grow larger as they escape the circle. The base of each leaf is adorned in gold glitter adding texture to the image.

Custom Watercolor Paintings:

  • An old pink building in charleston with ornate scroll like plaster detailing above each white trimmed window spanning three stories. A black door sits on the bottom right. A palm tree is centered in the frame in front of the building.
  • An old pink residence in charleston that is three stories high. The first floor has a black door and black shutters. The second floor has greens shutters. The third floor is an attic apartment with the reddish brown roofing framing the window. The house sits next to an alleyway and a blue house. Two large trees sit in the sidewalk on either side. The road in front of the house is cobbelstone.
  • A fall water color depiction of a wooden covered bridge in Georgia going over a mucky river.
  • A collection of paintings. Two triangular abstract paintings done on triangles frame a central rectangular painting. The abstract paintings are black and white line work of a sun. The rectangular painting is 4 succulents in pink, red, orange, and yellow pots.
  • A small white cottage with a vibrant yellow door positioned in the Irish countryside. The property sits on the edge of a lush green forest. Much of the gardens and grass is overgrown around the cottage. A boat sits on a concrete block on the right side of the cottage, a green shed attached to the house behind it. A cobblestone wall and a wooden fence wrap around the front edge of the frame.
  • A watercolor painting of the cliffs in Ireland. Large towering rocky cliffs with patches of grass and moss tower over the right side of the painting, the crisp blue ocean crashing against it below. On the left a small rock protrudes upward a bit off shore, surrounded by a few smaller rocks, the textured white waves also crashing against it. The base of the painting is grassy to give the viewer a sense they are standing on a nearby cliff looking off at this view in the distance.
  • Quay Street in Galway Ireland, a watercolor painting of two storefronts. On the left sits Golden Heart in an old stone building with red painted window and door frames. The store's sign is an ombre blue to sandy brown color with "Golden Heart" in red lettering. Two fir trees frame the door in red pots. The building on the right is a faded vibrant blue with white trimmed windows spanning three stories high. The signage says "Twice as Nice" in red letters. A brown and grey bricked side walk lines the front of the buildings.

One Tree Hill Series:

  • A close up of Brook Davis's house in one tree hill. Her large white mansion with black shutters is zoomed in on the statement red front door. Across the front walk lined with green hedges the words "the girl behind the red door" are written out.
  • A silhouette of the famous one tree hill bridge with lucas scott walking across it bouncing a basketball with a deep purple sunset above it. Along the bottom the words "your art matters." are painted.

Coffee Painting Process Work

  • The beginnings stages of a coffee painting for one of my studio classes. This first iteration has the coffee watercolored along the base and swirls of scent along the top. A pitcher pouring milk is in the top left corner.
  • More progress, a milk frother is now colored in below the pitcher of milk. Drawing tools are strewn across the canvas.
  • The completed painting shows the milk frother in action in a step by step way. You can see the careful details of the milk frother pumping creating foamy bubbles. The final part shows the milk frother with perfectly foamed milk pouring into a latter. The entire painting gives off the feeling of being wrapped up in a warm coffee shop.

Shadow and Light Movement Photo Analysis Series

Academic Hand Drawings and Diagrams

Painting and Drawings

Left: Combining Opposites ~ acrylic and chalk pastel ’17
Right: Coffee House Walls ~ acrylic, coffee, and charcoal ’17

Left: Immensity ~ sharpie ’17
Right: Plum Grove Library ~ charcoal and ink ’17