Art Gallery

Abstract Pieces – Acrylic and Watercolor

Custom Watercolor Paintings:

Custom Horror Jackets ~ combining movie posters with the main character, these custom horror jackets are hand painted and only available upon request.

  • A light washed cropped denim jacket, in the square frame on the back is a dark painting of the friday the 13th second movie poster of the cabin illuminated in the woods by a full moon. Jason Voorhees stands in the foreground on the right in his hockey mask.
  • A light wash denim jacket, in the large rectangular back panel is a painting looking into the fairgrounds of Derry from the remake of IT. Trees surround the fair grounds with a ferris wheel in the center with two red balloons flying up from it to meet the red and orange hued clouds. In the foreground on the right is the new version of Pennywise the clown.

On A Wall Near You ~ a collection of customs completed and on display by their new owners.

  • The gold gingko leaf painting hangs above a golden coffee cart and a color display of records. The sun casts a warm glow against it.
  • A watercolor painting of highway 61 in Charleston where the old oak trees drape across the road. The painting is labeled in cursive "charleston est 1670". The painting sits on a golden display frame on a bookshelf.
  • In a vibrant blue bedroom a king sized bed sits against the wall flanked by blue glass lamps. Hung above the bed is a collection of custom paintings: a set of the sun and moon trio paired with two architectural paintings of French landmarks which compliment the white, gold and black french bedding.
  • My first sun and moon paintings paired with the banner style moon phases hang next to a window.
  • My first set of watercolor charleston paintings are hung above a vanity mirror.
  • My first bat painting is hung in around a collection of other spooky paintings on my clients wall.
  • The large sun and moon painting with the abstract moon phases are hanging next to a gold mirror against a black wall.
  • The original gold and glitter collection on display in a bedroom. The large panel abstract elephant hangs next to the sun and moon collection paired with a custom gold drip painting. These hang over a champagne colored chair and a simply black bed.
  • A view of my entire bedroom wall, I stand on the far left posing and smiling with the finished mural. The mural is complete with three large elephants walking towards you outlined in gold, with gold brush strokes accentuating their features. A small baby elephant stands towards the front. The elephants are walking through a field of tall curling ferns done in varying gold tones to add depth to the frame.

Commission Information (Currently CLOSED):

I’m currently offering commissions in either of two styles: abstract natural elements – please reference the elephant and leaves – along with watercolor adaptations of structures and landscapes. You may also use this form to request a custom jacket.

My abstract collection is built around the study of brushstrokes. These paintings are dual toned with your choice of color as the backdrop and choice of color for the strokes. Both gold and silver can have glitter accents added to the piece. New metallic colored paints are also available.

My watercolor adaptations are designed to bring to life a space that is special to you, allowing you to have a piece of it in your home forever. I work off of photographs clients provide to accurately capture the space, while pulling in client preferences like season or sunset tones to really make it one of a kind. I specialize in buildings, architectural detail work, and am expanding to landscapes. The paintings are primarily done in watercolor but some acrylic paint is pulled in to add additional texture or fine detail.

Ready to Purchase paintings can be browsed here. Ready made paintings are final sale.

Painting price guide:

Gold/Abstract Acrylic Customs

3×3 & 4×4 Canvas $15
5×5 Canvas $25
9×12 Flat Panel $45
12×12 Canvas $50
12×12 Triangle $40
11×14 Flat Panel $65
11×14 Canvas $70
10×20 Canvas $80
12×16 Canvas $80

Glitter add on $5-$10 depending on size

Watercolor Customs

3×3 & 4×4 Canvas $25
5×5 Canvas $35
9×12 Flat Panel $50
12×12 Canvas $60
11×14 Flat Panel $75
11×14 Canvas $80
10×20 Canvas $100
12×16 Canvas $100

For metallic watercolor paintings please use the form below and specify size and what you’d like painted, I will provide you a quote. Please keep in mind these are Finetec metallics and they are more expensive than either medium.

Flat Panels come with mounting hardware attached unless otherwise specified. Canvases are stretched around a wooden frame.
All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity.

For sizes not listed above, please add 2-3 weeks to turn around time to account for acquiring supplies.

To inquire about booking a commission, use the form below. If you’d like to request a canvas size not listed, please include that in your note. Deposits on commissions are non-refundable. Commissions are currently CLOSED until mid to late summer.