Detail of Services

As a freelance designer and artist I have come to offer a wide array of services that are both fulfilling and meet the varying accessibility needs of clients. This page offers a detailed breakdown of all that I offer.

Personal Accessibility Information to Read Prior to Booking:

One of the major aspects of the work that I do comes with the understanding that I am a disabled designer. Due to the nature of my health, I prioritize a balanced schedule and take on a limited amount of clients at a time.

I am almost always unable to fulfill same day requests for appointments and last minute bookings for urgent matters or items that require a quick turn around are accepted on a case by case basis, they are never guaranteed.

I ask that clients have grace and understanding in the unpredictable nature of my migraines and accept prior to booking that short term notice may be given for cancelations and rescheduling. Due to my own health, I strive to give the same grace to my clients who may require flexible options. I will always communicate any changes or adjustments I need to make and I expect the same communication in return. Failure to communicate and missed appointments can result in termination of the client/designer relationship.

I do not have set hours as I often work when comfortable to me, but in general I take appointments between 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST with half hour breaks around 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm for meals. Morning appointments are never available. Weekend appointments from August – February are available, but vary weekend to weekend. From March – July, weekend appointments follow the same time schedule as above. Please note that these times are for appointment scheduling guidance and do not reflect my availability.


Formally trained in both Architecture and Interior Design before leaving behind my education and retail designer roles when I got sick, I have taken what I’ve learned about spaces around me and the individualized needs of chronic illness and disability to create an accessible design business.

I specialize in projects ranging from the little details like spatial planning and color selection, to full home furnishing and final touch decoration that synthesize your personal flare and lifestyle into a unique design. All aspects of this work are carefully planned around the varying access needs including, but not limited to: smart home integration, lighting sensitives, organizational solutions, and work from/live from bed design solutions. These projects are completed virtually and can be done via phone, video, or email.

Everyone deserves to feel as if their home is an oasis, a retreat they can turn to to unwind and relax, and that the world of interior design is equally as open to them and can fulfill their needs, no matter how complex those needs may be or how restricted the budget.

My general interior design services are broken into two categories: projects and a la carte services.

Projects all begin with an initial consult call with a flat rate fee of $50. The initial consult gives both client and designer an idea of what the project will look like, what preferences the client has and will begin to paint a picture of what direction the design will take – a few ideas for pieces or color schemes may be decided upon during the consult. Calls last approximately 60-90 minutes.

Design packages are usually the preferred option for larger projects that span multiple rooms. I offer two packages, design lite and design pro. Design Lite offers inspiration to continue adding to your space while getting you established with a few main pieces OR tying your space together with the perfect accents and accessories. The Design Pro package is designed with people looking for a fresh start and a fully customized space in mind. This package provides as assortment of furniture selections, accent pieces, and accessories to really pull together a cohesive look in all phases of the design.

Each package begins with two rooms included, with discounted rates for additional rooms. The packages start at $190 and $450 respectively.

The Design Pro package is the most inclusive, but additional upgrades to packages are available based on client needs and preferences.

These packages however do not fit the needs of all clients, which is why I also offer a la carte services.

These offerings include spatial planning, color selection, and individual room furniture selections and décor packages. Many of these a la carte services can be combined to carefully meet an individual’s needs to create a custom package.

Finally, if someone knows exactly what they’re looking for and doesn’t need as in depth of a service individual a la carte selection of furniture and décor is available and includes a brief consult call.

All services are fully inclusive and there is no additional charge for presentation adjustment that best fits your visual and auditory processing needs – this includes phone calls for verbal image descriptions, assistance with and verification of orders, and so on. Bookings are non-refundable.

To view samples of previous projects, jump on over to my Interior Design Gallery where you can also find my current rates and booking info.

Beginning in Spring of 2023 I will be offering limited monthly free slots, supported by Patreon, to members of the disability community who can benefit from accessibility solutions but do not have the means to afford a consult.

Apartment and House Hunting Services

Apartment searches and house hunting all come with their own challenges. One of the services I am proud to offer is a sort of personal assistant within this role.

Whether you’re looking for your first place, need a second pair of eyes, could benefit from visual descriptions, or want help finding a place that will best fit your existing pieces I can help in whatever capacity you need!

This role can be fully tailored to your moving needs and can be expanded to encompass your entire move. Services I have previously assisted with include, but are not limited to: helping with local transit, deciding on moving packages and picking moving services, understanding inspections, assessing realtor suggestions, assessing pieces to move or leave behind, going over pros and cons of various features (like in ground pool upkeep). While primarily I can help with sifting through dozens of search results and helping to present you with the options that I think are the best fit, this role offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and unbiased support which can help relieve a lot of stress from the moving process.

I offer this service at an hourly rate.